Welcome to Human Being Training!

HBT's mission is to remind people what it means to be human and how to return to our natural state of grace. Watch this quick video on Amanda's latest ebook (get your free copy above!), and learn how to turn everything around, pretty much right now.

Guide Amanda Parker Lambert weaves movement and philosophy together to relink you to universal life force in real-world ways. HBT yoga sessions are un-serious, playful, honest, and sometimes profound. You could think of them as sweaty philosophy classes, or philosophically sweaty classes. :)

If you feel lost, confused, in limbo, fearful, anxious, or otherwise out-of-sorts, try a Human Being Training event or its one-on-one coaching counterpart, Inner Voice Amplification. It could be the bravest thing you've ever done!

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"Amanda has an inspiring connection to her own inner voice and the courage to speak what it's saying out loud to others. The magic in this is that it usually ends up being exactly what we need to hear to get on track with our own inner voice. And the truth shall set you free! Amanda leads by example and has certainly helped me allow, open up, listen, and know.

Angela Fisher, SloFlo Fitness co-owner and certified TacFit coach