Thanks for your interest in Avatar Kids Camp! This special summer event is a happy joint venture of the brilliant Dennis Ray Powell Jr's Poetry Church and Human Being Training, which is always up for collaborating with people and organizations that are making the world better.

Avatar Camp is a fun, relaxing, different, and enriching experience for kids. Based on the main character, Aang, from the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series, this camp will explore the ideas of mindfulness, discipline, physical fitness, focus, courage, determination, patience, and compassion--all in very kid-friendly, fun ways. (Come to think of it, that's the best way for grownups to learn these things, too!) Like Aang did, we will learn about the elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire as ways to be and take action in the world.

Our main activities will be a simple, no-contact introduction to the art of Muay Thai (Thai boxing); kid-oriented, animal-inspired yoga; beginning meditation techniques (brief sessions of quiet time with guided visualizations); a little drawing; a short Avatar cartoon toward the end of each session, followed by a discussion; and enjoying snacks while making new friends.



When: June 27 (M), June 29 (W), July 1 (F), 1-4pm
Where: The Budo Ryu Martial Arts School in San Luis Obispo [map]
Cost: $99 per child. Sibling discounts available. Three scholarships available! Write to us here to apply. [PAY HERE.]
Ages: 5-8. But we could really use some solid counselors-in-training who are 9-12! Cost for them is only $75. If you think your kid might be into it, let us know!
Limited to 20 kids to make sure we can give everyone enough attention and supervision. [RESERVE NOW!]
Included: Kid-size boxing gloves to borrow, healthy snacks (low/no sugar, organic), bottled water, name tags, coloring supplies. Please tell us about any food allergies when you sign up!

NOTE: If you're interested in the counselor-in-training or scholarship options,
please tell Amanda before signing up, with a few brief reasons.

so, Who's Running This Show?

Amanda Parker Lambert
A veteran yoga teacher and mom, Amanda has taught yoga to kids since 2004 in venues ranging from a juvenile hall (TB test and fingerprinting required) to Montessori schools to public elementary, middle, and high schools. Certified to teach in 2004, Amanda also completed Anne Van de Water's Yoganesha: Teaching Yoga for Children course at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 2005. She trains Muay Thai (Thai boxing) at The Budo Ryu Martial Arts School, our wonderful host for Avatar Camp. Amanda regularly shares her unique brand of yoga at a number of local venues, including CalPoly. She believes that while it's never too late for anyone to find true happiness, it's best to start with the kids, because they haven't completely forgotten how.



Dennis Ray Powell Jr.
Dennis Ray Powell Jr. began his training in traditional Muay Thai at the Budo Ryu Martial Arts School in late 2012. He is also a certified yoga instructor, trained in San Luis Obispo at Smiling Dog. Dennis has been working since 2012 for Windhorse Integrative Mental Health, a nonprofit alternative to individual mental health. He has been a practicing member of the BodhiPath School and Center for Meditation and Buddhist Studies since 2012. Dennis's experience with children and early childhood education began in 2006 in when he worked for a time as a childcare technician at the Rise! of Middleway House, an Indiana nonprofit dedicated to the protection and reintegration into society of the female protagonists of domestic violence situations. He realized then his love for children and for mentoring them, also noticing that strong male figures were largely absent in the conventional childcare field. Dennis has also studied and currently practices Transcendental Meditation™ and an esoteric style developed by Alexandra Steinicke of the Start Healing Now School.

Anahata KiaWind
Anahata KiaWind is a gifted and popular teacher of Yin yoga at Smiling Dog in San Luis Obispo. She has studied at the Heartwood Institute, a world-renowned intentional living community and educational resource on the important topic of permaculture.

Kids love Anahata, with her charming, light-hearted approach to teaching and living.




Cisco de la Garza
Cisco de la Garza is an accomplished 16-year-old jazz musician (tenor sax) and will be a junior at SLO High in the fall. He's at that interesting age where you're not a kid anymore, but you're not an adult either. Little kids absolutely adore him at parties, playdates, and at school, so he'll be a huge help during the camp! Calm, intelligent, compassionate, disciplined, loving, and patient, Cisco already embodies many of the attributes that we'll be working on in Avatar Camp. He chose Amanda Parker Lambert to be his mom in 2000.