Bruce Patrick Garcia: Didgeridoo Player, Joyful Man, and Healer

I think this says it all.

I think this says it all.

This isn't a podcast, per se, but it is solid evidence of my friend Bruce Patrick Garcia's Awesome Human Being-ness.

Bruce gave this week's CalPoly Human Being Training class a soulful and sultry didgeridoo intro and shavasana chill-down, adding depth and inspiration to our theme "Listening."

He made the place vibrate so powerfully that my digital recorder (which I set on the stage, dammit) picked up the vibe and buzzed most of the time through his amazing set. Note to self, duh!

I did manage to capture a few moments--enough to give you a feel for what this guy has to offer. We let his ancient-but-amped-with-reverb healing vibe wash over us, listening close to any messages the music brought up for us.

Thank you, Bruce! Come play again soon! Hey, if you have a party or a cool, different thing happening, get with this guy. He's HBT tested and approved! ;)

A Conversation with Denz Ray Powell-Falcon Junyor

denz ray pic.png

Note: Please allow up to 30 seconds for the audio to load, or you go can directly here.

Part of my Awesome Humans Podcast series, this talk highlights a local revolutionary, poet, shaman, humanitarian, and hilarious iconoclast.

I reduced much of the noise coming from nearby Highway 1 as we talked at Cuesta College's radio station KGUR, but left a little. It seemed appropriate to let the sounds of human transportation become part of the backdrop for this extraordinary seeker. There are also crows and red-tailed hawks.

While you're listening, please consider supporting the passionate work of Human Being Training! You can help by becoming a patron for as little as $1/month.

I hope you enjoy hearing from this inspiring man. Thanks for tuning in!

Would you like me to interview you? Do you have something special you want to show the world? Let me know!

Intro Music: Rusty Stain Cloud
Last Song: f**ked up holy ghost
Poetry available on Denz's Facebook page
More on Poetry Church 

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Best Martial Arts in San Luis Obispo: A Love Story

Please give this MP3 up to 30 secs to load! Also, you can click anywhere in the box above to move to different parts of the podcast. The music is typical for traditional Muay Thai fights. And so is the language, LOL!

Don't let the cuteness fool you.... It's all part of the strateegery.

Don't let the cuteness fool you.... It's all part of the strateegery.

Here's a quick timeline guide:
00.20 Introduction
02:15 The crazy story of how Budo Ryu came to be
08:55 Rubbing it out (or, best first date ever)
10:38 The black eye at the wedding (a traditional affair)
11:46 Miles is a d-bag deterrent and other thoughts about who comes to Budo
16:05 On Sir, Ma'am, Sensei, Sifu, Kru, etc. and why at Budo, not so much with the titles
22:08 The honesty and practicality of Muay Thai
24:06 Leaving victimhood behind, becoming unf--kwithable, and Krav Maga
26:40 Yes, men and women are different, Charlie Brown. (Eric: "Nurturing...blah, blah-blah." :)
34:20 The 6-Week Krav Challenge, the Fight Back program, and some pretty amazing stories
43:27 Jungle Gym conditioning: kicking ass and saving lives
50:20 Geri and Eric's superpower: understanding what's s--t and what's not, how Geri won't butter your muffin (?!), and the upward spiral
52:50 Budo Ryu not buried in a strip mall anymore! And upcoming Krav Challenge details.
53:30 There is some mighty smashing of things while Eric yells.