Photo credit: Timo Beckwith

Photo credit: Timo Beckwith

What's a "Human Being"?

A few years ago I suddenly emerged from a deep, dark, 35-year period of serious depression. It's a long story about how and why I shut myself away from the world from ages 9-46, but suffice it to say that, looking back, I believe I used the time well.

Essentially what pulled me out of that self-created, fearful hole was my memory of Who I Am. Who each of us is--a manifestation of pure Consciousness. Some people call that God, the Universe, Jesus, Source, Allah, Buddha, Yoda, etc. It doesn't matter. Words are inadequate and rudimentary when working with such concepts. Labels and names only limit understanding and lead to an Us vs. Them, sports team-like mentality that is absurd, irrelevant, and distracting.

My understanding of what a Human Being is continues to deepen and expand as I learn more (and realize how much I don't know). But here is my current definition in a nutshell: "A Human Being is a person who has remembered and reclaimed his or her innate, profound freedom and has acquired the courage to exercise the ultimate responsibility that comes with such freedom. The impetus for this leap is often a sudden, radical coming to terms with Death. Releasing the fear of what cannot be stopped produces a surge of life force that propels the aspiring Human Being's journey to realness like a second-stage rocket booster."

A Human Being has learned to recognize the powerful, dual energetic drains of social conditioning and deeply held, unexamined beliefs. Until we recognize these factors and decide to discard them, they run the show in the background like computer viruses that can eventually slow our hard drives to a crawl. They can utterly disable the "free will" that most of us Westerners are so proud of, turning us into little more than programmed, highly predictable, and easily controlled little biobots.

A Human Being sees all this, and decides to do something different. And that takes a shit-ton of bravery. That's where training becomes helpful.

what does human being training look like?

CalPoly students before class.

CalPoly students before class.

Unlock your body. Unlock your mind. Start your own damn revolution!

"Amanda teaches the Jeet Kune Do of yoga."
--Eric Alexander, CalPoly Fitness Program Director

Human Being Training classes are yoga-based, music-infused adventures into releasing the social conditioning and unconscious, deeply held beliefs that are holding you back from being your magnificent self. Rediscover an ancient message in a refreshing, unorthodox way, through a powerful blend of humor, raw physicality, intellect, and heart.

Here's an interview I did that gives some insight into the HBT experience.

Here's a typical Human Being Training playlist. Music is the fuel!

If you want a tough workout, I'd go elsewhere. These events aren't that, unless you want to use them that way. Although sometimes strenuous and challenging, the physical part of the work we do consists of exploratory missions to the heart of yourself, using your body as a spaceship.

People get so serious about yoga, and about everything in general. I encourage a more irreverent approach, with an emphasis on owning our personal power and creating sangha (sacred community) through the common experience of joy and growth.

I don't like to label my style. Human Being Training is what happens when people ask me to teach them, and it's always different. At any given event you might encounter various kinds of yoga, tribal dance, martial arts, old-school conditioning, and any number of other movement ideas, along with the freedom to experiment with what works for you and your body. Somehow it'll be just what you need. The program is all levels, but you'll enjoy it way more if you have a basic level of fitness. However, everyone is welcome, and you're always invited to watch, rest, or do your own thing at any time.

Attain the ultimate human goal: self-mastery.

Amanda has an inspiring connection to her own inner voice and the courage to speak what it’s saying out loud to others. The magic in this is that it usually ends up being exactly what we need to hear to get on track with our own inner voice. And the truth shall set you free! Amanda leads by example and has certainly helped me allow, open up, listen, and know.
Angela Fisher, SloFlo Fitness co-owner and certified TacFit coach

To do this, we must learn self-reliance, develop compassionate disdain for the herd mentality, and—above all—relax into self-mastery. It's the greatest, most self-less gift we can give, and the most powerful way we can be of assistance to others and the planet.

Write to me here to find out more or to schedule an event.