I've been teaching yoga since I completed my training with Erich Schiffmann in 1992, but it wasn't until I landed at California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) in 2012 that Human Being Training really came together in its present form. I will always be humbly grateful to the extraordinary people at CalPoly who continue to help this program grow. My intention is to take Human Being Training to White Lotus in Santa Barbara, the beautiful Santa Barbara Yoga Center, and Esalen Institute in 2017. Lightning in a Bottle would be awesome. Meanwhile, see below for my current offerings and come play asap! Here's a short movie about what an HBT event is (sometimes) like.

Amanda’s uplifting energy is an inspiration to those who want to change their lives, but just aren’t quite sure how to do it. Her message of life wisdom is delivered through a positive vibe that sparks curiosity, taking the willing student to another level of confident self-awareness.
Kathryn Leilani Soriano-Adame, instructor at Santa Maria Juvenile Hall
"I find Amanda’s yoga classes and her seminars inspiring. She communicates her extensive knowledge of yoga and functional fitness with a disarming style, humor, and generosity. Every class is more than just good exercise. It’s a fun and fresh way to reconnect your body, mind and spirit." -- R.D.

IMPORTANT: If you're currently out of shape or worried for any reason about participating in the physical aspect of the trainings, please read this. The "yoga" I teach is only an elaborate (although fun and empowering) ruse to quiet your mind and get you to breathe properly so you can learn what you came to learn. Having a basic level of fitness will help you get the most from these events.

OPTION 1 (ongoing during school year)
CalPoly Recreation Center (Studio 2) in San Luis Obispo, CA: Thursdays, 5:15-6:30 pm

Students note: Reservations required this year for my class. Use your Portal access (Fitness > Group Exercise Reservations) or call the pro shop at 805-756-5890 to get a spot, then pick up your pass at the desk 5 mins before class. You can reserve a spot as early as 6AM Tues. morning for our Wednesday event. Even if the waiting list is full, show up 5 mins early at the pro shop. You'll probably get in!
Two non-Poly people are welcome each week! Classes for non-students are $10. Contact me to reserve a space.

OPTION 2 (public events)
If you haven't been to a Human Being Training yet, come find out why people generally call it "an indescribable experience," and then tell their friends,"You just have to go!" Now there's a short movie about HBT and what it (sometimes) looks like. Every time is different, depending on who shows up. Newbies, please read this.

Upcoming dates: NEW! The Human Being Training 6-Week Lecture Series! This is an opportunity to learn the life-changing philosophy of HBT without the strenuous exercise that is the foundation of regular HBT classes. Optional yoga and other movement will be suggested at intervals throughout the sessions, and you may move quietly as you please throughout. Dress comfortably, bring your quiet crafts, blankets, tea, foam rollers, pillow pets, tennis balls, coloring books, and pillows, and relax as I speak about the ancient, powerful, but hard-to-find concepts that are the true heart of HBT. Please join Human Being Training on Facebook or Meetup to be informed of new events and classes.

Here is the Facebook invitation and here is the Meetup Invitation.

Registration: $49/$29 prepaid, or buy a single class (pay securely here). Student discounts available! Contact me.

Dates: All Sundays, 5:30-7pm: May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11

Topics:  Week 1 (Freedom and Personal Responsibility); Week 2 (Work and Money); Week 3 (Love, Marriage, and Relationships); Week 4 (The Body: Eating, Sex, and Movement); Week 5 (The Mind: Ego, Intellect, and Resistance); Week 6 (Death: Why It's Your Best Friend).

Space is limited, so get your spot today! Can't wait to see you!

Here's the flyer!

Here's an interview I did that gives some insight into the HBT experience.