Let's redefine your "normal."

Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm not a guru, unless you use that word in its ancient sense, which is "Bringer of Light." I'm not doing anything you can't do yourself, because we're all our own gurus. But sometimes it's faster to spot the problem (and name the solution) if you shine a big light on it. That's where I come in.

Here are the main ways I work with people who know there's a better way to live but want a turbo boost to get there:

1.  By ourselves, together. We can meet in public at a coffeehouse, a bar, or the beach, or via Skype if you're not from around these parts. Just know that shit's probably going to come up, so you might want to consider privacy if that matters to you. We'll talk for about an hour and a half, depending on whether you like to argue for your limitations, in which case our time together will be shorter. (Just saying.) My goal is not to have another session with you, but to send you off all shiny and clear so you can do the stuff you came here to do without wasting any more time.

Important: Have a list of specific questions and ideas so we can make the most of our time. Mind-reading is not one of my superpowers. However, I am a strong empath and have become a pretty effective Inner Voice Amplifier (TM). When you ask me questions, you'll get the answers that were already in you, but loud enough so you can hear them. That inner voice, which most of us ignore or don't even know about, gets soft and weak soon after childhood because of our social conditioning and lack of use. Until yours get stronger, I can bump up the wattage for you and relay the information you need to become a Human Being.

A great little Human Being Training in a friend's loft bedroom.

A great little Human Being Training in a friend's loft bedroom.

2.  Workshops and parties.  I offer a 2-hour Human Being Training event that will remind you how to be an irresistible force of nature. You'll begin to free up all the energy you need to become yourself again! Write to me here to learn more about hosting these paradigm-shifting events at your home, studio, or business. They also make a great girls' night in, a wedding shower to remember, or an unusual bachelor party. (True Fact: I'm an ordained minister, so let me know if you need an officiant to get y'all hitched.) I prefer working with larger groups (15+) because more people in a space help to create the critical energy mass necessary for what I call "escape velocity."

Here's an interview I did that gives some insight into the HBT experience.

BTW, The Book

I'm writing a book called Relax: 72 Ways to Become a Real, Live Human Being, coming out whenever I effing sit down and finish it. A student recently forced me to set October 2016 as the release date. The book will expand on the principles you'll learn in the trainings.

Cool. So, how much does all this cost?

I practice voluntary simplicity. And I love money. I like to call dollars "fun-tickets." (Can't take credit.) They let me buy good food, have a roof to sleep under, make my MINI go fast, pay for my own physical training regimen, and fund myused-book habit at Amazon. I don't have any problems with money as a representation of life force. I value my time and energy, and I would like you to also!

Having said that, I'm pretty old-school about being paid for teaching. As I've said many times, I don't own these truths--I just have my own unique way of conveying them to people that seems to work. So I trust my heart (the smartest of my three brains) when it says to go with a nonprofit donation model as a source of fun-tickets to finance my own human journey. I'm not out to make a million bucks. I don't need it. What really turns me on is teaching this stuff to people who want to learn.

Here's what we'll do, see: Pay me what feels right to your heart!

Ways to Show Me Love and Appreciation:

  1. Send me dough via my Square account at$HumanBeingTraining, or swipe your card on my reader if we meet in person.
  2. Slip some cold, harsh cash into the official HBT donation box at my classes and events.
  3. I love Trader Joe's or Whole Foods gift certificates!
  4. If you don't have many fun-tickets, pay me back by promoting the hell out of Human Being Training via your social media and family-friend networks. Help me get the word out. Offer to put up flyers and other helpful things! I can always use help with my little Hobbit Hut home projects, errands in SLO, office help, etc.

    Sweet. Gimme a shout when you're ready to bust out. :)