Welcome to the Human Being Training Store! You can buy tickets to HBT events here and also scroll down to see a compendium of many of the books, films, and health supplements that are part of my own multilevel training process. I hope you benefit from them as much as I have. When you buy from Human being Training, Inc., you help to support this nonprofit and its mission: to remind people what it means to be human and how to return to our natural state of grace. Thank you for shopping!



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>>> Watch this short Human Being Training movie (the first ever!) to get a glimpse into what my yoga-based trainings are like.


Franks says hi and what's up.

Franks says hi and what's up.

The long-awaited HBT stickers are finally here! High-quality, indoor/outdoor stickers built to last through many adventures. Round, 4x4 in., featuring Frank, the official Human Being Training mascot! For windows, bikes, cars, laptops, friends' foreheads, water bottles, fridges, street poles, elevators, bathroom walls, and anywhere else a sticker can stick. Help spread the HBT love and show your support for this revolutionary human enterprise! We'll ship out your stickers via snail mail for free, so leave your mailing address when you check out. Be here now, but also buy here now. (See how we did that?)

>>> We'll ship out your stickers via snail mail for free, so leave your mailing address when you check out!

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These are some of the books in my personal library that I find interesting, inspiring, and useful.



From Loony Tunes to Blade Runner, these movies have changed my life.


I use these products on a regular basis. I credit them with helping to maintain my strength, flexibility, energy, and good-smelliness (amber paste is the best!).