Podcast 1: The Budo Ryu/Central Coast Krav Maga featuring Geri, Eric, Miles, and Some Smashing



The first-ever recording of an HBT CalPoly "shivasana talk," a guided meditation on getting struck by lightning.



Recent radio interviews about Human Being Training with CalPoly Mustang News co-anchor Megan Schellong
Part 1
Part 2



Human Being Training: The Movie Crafted by my good friend and gifted videographer Ray Lynch, this is the first time prospective Human Being Trainees can get a glimpse at the mysterious goings-on you may have heard about. This was a very dynamic class of high-energy CalPoly students, but many of them were taking it easy and doing exactly what they wanted. Please do the same when you participate in an event!

Be a Gorilla! And what's a pain-body? Some fun (and very effective) body weight conditioning and a quick explanation of a mind-blowing concept that will make all your relationships a source of joy and inspiration.

Drive: CalPoly post-class recap on relaxing into your perfection (yin) and activating your drive to accomplish what you came here for (yang).

Headstand Variation: Something to try when you get headstand down. Let the bones line up.

The Great Cartwheel Conspiracy of 2013: Having fun with exercise! What a concept!

Plank Alternating Holds: Super simple, super effective.

Furniture Slider Workout: $10 and you've got yourself a killer workout

Plank Up-Downs: Anywhere, anytime

When sheer panic is a good thing: Meet the amazing Burpee

Sun Salutes: Strength, flexibility, and stress relief in one simple yoga exercise!

"Golden Sphere": An unusual and powerful arm/core/energy exercise

The Joy of No: In which Cisco and I discuss the importance of using this big little word.

Full-body abs: Sit-ups don't work! Try this instead.

Parking Lot Pranayama: A stress-relieving breathing exercise for anywhere

Introducing the Hindu Squat!  At a laundromat, no less.

A mom-focused workout for Mother's Day! Triceps, abs, and rear

Introducing the Tabata Drill! You're in for a treat.