Photo credit: Cisco de la Garza (my kid)

Photo credit: Cisco de la Garza (my kid)

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Human Being Training. This is pretty much my FAQ section. Let me know if I should add something else. And here's a short movie to show you what an HBT event sometimes looks like.

Why should I come to Human Being Training?

So many of us are making enormous, sometimes traumatic transitions right now! You're not alone.

Since I started these events in 2012, Human Being Training has steadily become a close-knit group that reminds me of the Buddhist tradition of sangha, or the refuge of sacred community. HBT is nondenominational, but that concept does resonate with me.

Most of the people who show up to my events, including me, are experiencing massive change in their lives, whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally--and since they all go together, usually all three at once! If you care to, you will definitely meet some very positive, loving, and adventurous people at Human Being Training.

And...I want to let you know that HBT events are definitely safe for loners, hermits, and recluses. (I know because I am all of those things, and quite happy about it.) No interaction is required or encouraged. I absolutely support solitary work if that's where you feel strongest!

I mean, what is this, even?

HBT gatherings are something that's best experienced directly. I'm told that regular participants, when they try to tell friends about Human Being Training, almost universally end up saying,"You just have to come." (But here's the short new HBT Movie to give you a better idea.) These events are known for freedom, music, spontaneity, laughter, movement, and my rapid downloads from Source Energy (or insert your word for "God" here). If I have a gift, it's getting out of my own way and allowing ancient teachings about the true nature of things to come through me. It's something we can all do. Most of us have forgotten how, but that's changing now.

What about this whole "movement" thing? Sounds kinda weird.

Physical movement is my own portal into my true Self, and that's where the deep teachings come from. At first, HBT was all about intense physical effort, because that's what seemed to make me and my fellow Aspiring Humans happy. We sweated and strained, very much feeding our Western addiction to muscle, heat, stress, appearance, and sense of accomplishment. Sometimes we still light it up with tribal dancing, Gorilla Leaps, I'm a Star, and Planks, but Human Being Trainings are moving away from the "prescribed" movements of yoga and other disciplines, and toward self-guided intuitive movements. I provide suggestions and instruction around this process, but encourage folks to feel (not think) for themselves what they need to do to heal on all levels.

>>> The physical HBT experience is non-aggressive, and goes deep. It's highly individual and profoundly healing.

What else should I know before I try out my first Human Being Training?

I want you to have a good time so you come back and keep learning and growing! Here are some things to ponder:

1. Are you comfortable getting onto the floor and sitting with one or both legs crossed in front?

2. Do you walk, stretch, and move on most days?

3. Do you have chronic injuries, conditions, or illnesses that keep you from moving regularly?

4. Are you OK with others around you doing things that you can't currently do? Will that feel threatening and frustrating? (most important)

6. If you do have physical limitations, do you know how to take care of yourself and adapt activities to keep from aggravating the problem? I can help with this, but it depends on class size and other factors.

Based on your answers to these questions, you'll have a pretty good idea what your physical experience in Human Being Training will be like. If none of that sounds pleasant or even possible for you, I highly recommend you start walking and find a gentle yoga and exercise program. Consider looking into the whole world of yoga based on movements in chairs. Otherwise, my movement system is highly scaleable and accessible to anyone with a modicum of fitness. We have folks of all shapes, sizes, and ages. I'm trained to offer modifications for just about any pose or activity.

Even if you don't feel up to the physical aspect of Human Being Training, as the community grows, some people are coming just to sit and watch and listen, or do their own thing, plugging into and contributing to the energy in that way. So, no matter what, you are welcome and there is always a place for you at Human Being Training.