Welcome to the front line of human evolution.

Founded in 2011, Human Being Training is the road show of Fuller Watts Crowley (formerly Amanda Parker Lambert), author of the forthcoming Exploding Your Life: An Impatient Person’s Guide to Evolving. (For a preview and quick cheat sheet to some of the main HBT themes, download my new ebook free here!)

What I like to do most is remind people (including myself) that each of has the answers to the key questions Who Am I? and Why Am I Here? My mission is to provide you with the space, inspiration, courage, and energy to do that.

What we really are and what we're being told we are, are two different things. We've given away our natural power. We've forgotten the confidence in us that so many superb Human Beings have expressed: "All these things I can do, you can do also, and more." --Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Moses, Yoda, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

Together, we're redefining "normal."


I love racing cars, strategic swearing, wild music, moving in a vigorous fashion, judicious drinking, observing the many faces of God, laughing, seeing light bulbs come on over peoples' heads (and mine), hanging out with my kid, staring at trees and birds in flight, and about a million other things. I love living.

I have a strong streak of spirituality in my personal yoga practice that comes through in my teaching. I'm devoutly nondenominational, but if you try to pin me down, I'll probably mention something about the Tao or Zen.

Here's a peak at my personal practice.

Click here for an up-close look at my teaching style and some of the main ideas I discuss. (My friend dropped the camera at the end, but oh well.)

My classical yoga training from the Santa Barbara Yoga Center (mainly through Erich Schiffmann) is based on Iyengar's teachings, which emphasize strength, precision, and healing. My other main yogic influence is Ashtanga, based on constant movement, powerful breath, and personal transformation through wringing out the body/mind/spirit. I've also studied with Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Lisa Walford, and Cherie Clampett.

I hope you can open your heart and mind to experiences and information that might take you into unknown and wonderful new territories. It's a Rabbit Hole for sure. You should probably go.

Photo Credit: Lucinda Kinch

Photo Credit: Lucinda Kinch

Very few people have the ordained talent to empathize with someone so deeply they can read you like Beethoven read music even when his hearing was lost.
Fuller has such magic and she radiates it infectiously. She has eagle eyes to the soul. Her gift is gazing deep into you and raising her periscope of loving perceptiveness so you can see your infinite potential.
Fuller is one of the best human beings I know.
She speaks with hugs, smiles like your best imaginary friend, and laughs like your dreams before we came to know what ‘normal’ is supposed to look like.
She asked me to write to you one or two sentences to describe HBT. But that’s impossible... She’s too vast.
If you have the courage to be loved by someone endless and discover how wonderful you are, go to Fuller.
Nicholas Anderson, founder, Legion Athletics, TacFit Ventura

And introducing Frank, the latest guy to come onboard at HBT! He's the official mascot, and his main job is to remind everyone (including me) how not-serious everything really is. Frank talks to people without words, which can bog us down. He says, "Hey, be yourself! We love weird around here. You totally belong." :)