Bruce Patrick Garcia: Didgeridoo Player, Joyful Man, and Healer

I think this says it all.

I think this says it all.

This isn't a podcast, per se, but it is solid evidence of my friend Bruce Patrick Garcia's Awesome Human Being-ness.

Bruce gave this week's CalPoly Human Being Training class a soulful and sultry didgeridoo intro and shavasana chill-down, adding depth and inspiration to our theme "Listening."

He made the place vibrate so powerfully that my digital recorder (which I set on the stage, dammit) picked up the vibe and buzzed most of the time through his amazing set. Note to self, duh!

I did manage to capture a few moments--enough to give you a feel for what this guy has to offer. We let his ancient-but-amped-with-reverb healing vibe wash over us, listening close to any messages the music brought up for us.

Thank you, Bruce! Come play again soon! Hey, if you have a party or a cool, different thing happening, get with this guy. He's HBT tested and approved! ;)