I see no reason for those on the powerful path of self-mastery (aka "enlightenment") to be dour, depressing, boring, grey, or anything but gorgeous. In other words, what's wrong with matching your outside to express your inside as you fall in love with yourself?



All store items are currently pre-loved and are sold as-is; I do my best to show any flaws! Sorry, no returns, but I'm happy to exchange. I have a smoke-free but not cat-free home. Encrypted, secure payment via PayPal. $5 flat-rate shipping within US, or free local pickup/delivery in San Luis Obispo County. Please see product descriptions for much more info.

OK, let's go shopping!


Beauty+Joy = Evolution

Welcome to Decorate the Human, the lifestyle branch of Human Being Training. I'm currently selling everything I own that won't fit in my Mini Cooper! On June 1, I'm driving from the California Central Coast to Maine to live for a while. And I'm thrilled to pass on my phenomenal clothing and home decor collection to you! Here's to new beginnings for everyone who wants one. :)

You might be wondering why someone who teaches what I do would have such a passion for clothing and creating beautiful personal environments. It's simple--I believe beauty creates joy, which is critical to human evolution. And evolution is the key, right now, ladies and gentlemen, don't you agree?

I hope you enjoy your time here, and find something wonderful to light up your life in some way! When I was a little kid, my mom says I wouldn't leave the house without my striped pillowcase "hat" and my colorful rubber bead necklace. I'm still like that, lol! So fall in love with yourself again, like when you were a kid, and have the courage to be beautiful YOU in this wild, wacky world. You just might inspire others to do the same. :)

Your purchases are tax-deductible and help support my brave little nonprofit known as Human Being Training.

Yes, this top is for sale! 1964 Corvette Stingray not included.

Yes, this top is for sale! 1964 Corvette Stingray not included.

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