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Me and my nephew, a wonderful human.

Me and my nephew, a wonderful human.

Do you know who you are and why you’re here? Would you like to find out and help others come back to life at the same time?

Many of us are bored, restless, frustrated, angry, or depressed because we know there’s more to life than just...this...day in, day out, rinse and repeat. Sleep, eat, work, eat, bills, (kids), addiction(s) of choice.

Well, let me confirm that you’re absolutely right! There's way more to life than what we’ve been told and taught. And my specialty is showing people how to reach the top levels of this Big Game so they have a real shot at reaching their full potential in this lifetime.


I'm pleased to offer talks that knock people's socks off.

Look, I’m not talking about “abundance,” “financial freedom,” or all the other New Age bullshit buzzwords the marketers are using these days to lure you into some crazy "manifestation" program. If you want those things, they’ll come along as you do the inner work I'll show you. I have to warn you, though: having “a Maserati and a Porsche in the garage at the country place” (or whatever you think you want right now) could start to seem not all that interesting when you see what's really possible. Nevertheless, when you do this certain kind of work, you’ll quickly come to a place where you’re not actively resisting All the Good Stuff that wants to come your way.

Lol, hear me roar! It's not bad, just untrained and out of control.

Lol, hear me roar! It's not bad, just untrained and out of control.

self-mastery is the ultimate achievement

At this point, you might reasonably ask, “Geez, I mean, I’m not stupid--why would I resist All the Good Stuff? Who would do that?” Oh, my dear friend, there are some very deep and powerful parts of us whose greatest desire is that we stay broke, sick, and/or desperately unhappy. The surface “me” we’re familiar with isn’t resisting. It’s these other unknown, hidden parts that have built a solid wall between our small, limited selves and our Real Selves. And this problem isn't limited to individuals--businesses and communities of all kinds fall prey to this very same disaster. That’s why self-mastery--which unifies all the actors in our particular plays so they’re reading from the same script for once--is the ultimate human endeavor.

There is no shortcut in this work, although if you’re committed, progress comes quickly. And it’s the most empowering, joyful, scary, and wonderful work you’ll ever do in your whole life. Spoiler alert: It’s a big part of why we’re here!

So how does this work?

I’m an experienced, professional teacher and guide, and I have two main tools I’ve developed so far to help people become their best selves: 1) energetic, irreverent public lectures on how to shift your thinking radically in practical ways to claim the joy (not just happiness) that is your natural birthright and 2) unique, intuitive, one-on-one self-mastery training called Inner Voice Amplification, which evolved from the process I used to heal myself from decades of severe anxiety, addiction, and sometimes suicidal depression.

“The true measure of success is how much joy you feel.” -- Abraham


Book a talk today and start healing!

If these ideas interest and inspire you, call me today at 805-680-8541 (EST) or contact me here to book a refreshingly honest, uplifting talk for your work place, private party, club, church, synagogue, schools and universities that encourage critical thinking and self-determination, or anywhere people gather who want to learn how to live for real. Together, we can completely redefine "normal" for ourselves, our families, our communities, and even the nation and beyond.

You can see some of my work on Patreon here. I'm a well-regarded and highly dynamic speaker with 5 years' experience at my local university with weekly groups of 30-40 people. Other recent speaking engagements include a booking for keynote speaker at the thriving San Luis Obispo Women's Entrepreneurs Meetup and a successful 6-week public lecture series at The Budo Ryu School of Martial Arts.

Well, that’s it! If this is for you, call me now at 805-680-8541 (EST) or write to me here. I currently live in Maine, but will travel.

Kind Testimonials

“Very few people have the ordained talent to empathize with someone so deeply they can read you like Beethoven read music even when his hearing was lost. Fuller has such magic and she radiates it infectiously. She has eagle eyes to the soul. Her gift is gazing deep into you and raising her periscope of loving perceptiveness so you can see your infinite potential. Fuller is one of the best human beings I know. She speaks with hugs, smiles like your best imaginary friend, and laughs like your dreams before we came to know what ‘normal’ is supposed to look like. Fuller asked me to write to you one or two sentences to describe HBT. But that’s impossible... She’s too vast. If you have the courage to be loved by someone endless and discover how wonderful you are, go to Fuller.”
-- Nicholas Anderson, owner and trainer
TacFit Ventura


"Fuller and Inner Voice Amplification have changed my life! Literally. In my top 5 miracles. No joke. Fuller is a cosmic mirror and a divine funnel. I love her fabulous, sometimes funny truth-telling approach. Her sharpness, wit, and wisdom produce endless insights. Her work with others is so powerful because she’s doing her own work. Our time together is so rich and rewarding....Laugh. Cry. Learn. Repeat.”
-- LadyK, singer and writer