Setting foot upon my new island home

Today was a big day. After driving from California to Maine from June 1 to June 24, it took me 11 more days to venture out to Peak's Island, where I'm going to live starting in late August. All the tourists are going to leave, and then it'll be me and about 1,000 other hard-core Peak's Island residents, just minding our personal and collective businesses for the fall, winter, and spring.

Driving to Maine: Day 24 (I arrive.)

I awoke late today to the smell of breakfast coming from Liz's big kitchen and the sounds of eight or nine enthusiastic 20-somethings getting ready to go their separate ways. The Mulshines have one of those houses where all the kids gather. Its a fun, nonjudgmental, and huge space, with a tremendous view and an expansive deck to savor it from.

Driving to Maine: Day 23

After leaving the Seneca Reservation around noon (heheh, the Lighthouse Inn checkout time was a ridiculous 10am), I had breakfast at Tom's Family Diner next door. Everything has gravy on it here. I mean, the gravy is smothered in gravy. So I had an omelette with gravy and tons of coffee and home fries, and then paid $4.50 for the privilege of getting back on I-90 toward the East Coast.