I could be happy if you'd just stop doing that.

I saw (and promptly stole) a photo today from my old racing buddy Mike Croucher's Facebook page, and it perfectly crystallized something I've been thinking about for weeks. I notice many others are having very strong reactions to the photo as well—mainly those who are frequently slowed down by drivers who seemingly refuse to make way despite the opportunity to do so. Here's the photo:

And here's my question:

Why do so many people now drive at or below the speed limit in the fast lane and refuse to move over for the 22 cars trailing angrily behind them?

Seriously, I think about this a lot. Every time I get on the freeway I see this happening, and it prompts such anger and outrage in me that I scare myself. I think I feel so strongly because I make three assumptions about why the driver at the front of the line, who almost always has plenty of room and opportunity to move right,  is doing what he/she is doing:

1. He/she is so completely ego-driven that to move right and let faster cars pass would be an admission of inferiority or worthlessness.

2. The slow driver feels that he/she is keeping us all safe by forcing us to go the speed limit  (I call this the "self-appointed traffic cop syndrome"), and/or (even worse, in my mind) that none of us behind him/her have a right to "rush" or "pressure" him/her with our "crazy" driving habits.( This would be what I fondly term the "human speed bump" phenomenon.)

3. The slow driver is completely asleep at the wheel of their vehicle and their life, and is absolutely oblivious to the raging freight train of humanity behind her trying to pick up the kids, get to work, buy the groceries for dinner, and generally live their lives. When you do finally get a chance to pass these people, notice the empty looks on their faces. Reminds me of Attack of the Body Snatchers. Lights are on, but nobody's home.

So what I'm looking for here is some input into whether my assumptions are correct or not. Are you a slow driver who prefers to travel in the fast lane? Why do you do it? I really want to understand. I know that there's no such thing as good and evil, that we're all One, and that all of this is part of the Divine Plan, etc. But this just mystifies me, and I feel that until I understand the motive or reasoning behind why some people insist on driving slowly in the fast lane despite the chance to move over, I'm a little stuck in my personal spiritual evolution—literally and figuratively.

My sense is that, as I suggested in my post yesterday about Curious George, some people are responding to the Global Speed-Up and Vibrational Elevation by generally slowing WAY down in an effort to control what cannot be controlled, i.e, human evolution. As for myself, I'm working on breathing, compassion, and knowing that happiness comes from within myself, not having miles of open roadway ahead.

What do you think? Can anyone help me out with this?

Meanwhile, if you see a blue Mini Cooper on your ass in the fast lane on 101, know that I'm sending you thoughts of love and light as I wait for any chance to pass you—any chance at all.