Why I drink coffee and I'm not going to stop.

You know, I love coffee. Everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. That's how I got the nickname Redbull, I suppose. Yes, I'm a coffee achiever, and lovin' every minute of it, as Seinfeld's Kramer would say (although in a very different context). I get twice as much done everyday than the average person. Are my adrenals burned out? Probably. Why do I get out of bed in the morning? So I can have my coffee. After I have my coffee, I meditate. I feel much closer to God/Source/The Universe after I have my coffee. Meditating without having had my coffee is like listening for a pin drop through thick, wet wool wrapped around my face. "Sorry, all operators are busy. Your call could not be completed as dialed. Please try again later after you've had your coffee."

My friend Brenda Crane told me recently that people whose brains are accustomed to coffee and who enjoy their morning latte perform WAY better in all kinds of brain tests than people who missed their coffee that morning. However, people who don't ever drink coffee did equally well in the tests as the people who had their lattes. Hmmm. Well, that horse is out of the barn (for me, anyway). Have you seen that movie Limitless? That's how I feel about coffee, and--increasingly--kriya yoga. Also, qi gong as taught and practiced by Master Zhou. Even, in some cases, antidepressants. (Yeah, I know I'm gonna catch it for that one.)

I also love to cite studies (people tend to leave me alone when I cite studies) about how drinking coffee prevents Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer. The fact that I don't have a prostate doesn't bother me.

We human beings are limitless, of course. As Jesus said, "All these things that I do, you can do--and more." We've just forgotten Who We Are and how to do all the cool stuff we now fearfully call "miracles." Like heal cancer with a touch. Like allow our bodies to die when and where and how we damn well decide so we can choose a fresh, new one to play in or start all over. Like project such potent love to others that they wake up to their own divine nature, or at least get pointed in that direction.

We're so afraid of our phenomenal power that we often persecute or kill those who try to remind us or actually show us. After all, if we knew what we were capable of, what excuse would we have for watching Beavis & Butthead or working for $8. an hour at Walmart despite being smart and capable? People who show us what's possible raise the bar and wreck the curve. Generally, they don't end up being too popular with the majority of folks.

Well, I think that's changing. It's getting less dangerous to speak the truth, although it still takes big balls and a heart of gold. Meanwhile, I'm sticking with my coffee until I figure out how to learn Sanskrit in an afternoon or download Blackhawk helicopter schematics directly to my brain. At least I'll be alert while I'm tryin'!

Much love to you.

PS: If you drink coffee, please make sure it's organic, shade-grown, and freshly ground. I definitely do not recommend anything from Starbucks. Sometimes I go in there and ask, "Do you have any organic today?" I usually experience hemming and/or hawing from behind the counter. You could remind them that their corporate policy is to serve at least 10 percent organic.... Use your power as a consumer! (OK, that's another post.)