Dismiss what insults your soul.

I came across a photo this week, by Armchair Patriots (a seriously bad-ass group that creates must-see, truth-telling graphics), that made me and my whole Facebook wall blink. There was a collective pause, and then we all went, "HELL yeah!" It's one of those quotes that crystallizes into a few words what you've been trying to articulate through the daily miasma of soccer games, grocery shopping, making money somehow, vacuuming, feeding the dog and yourself (probably in that order), and brushing teeth.


Bam! There it is. I don't feel anything else I have to say would make this any more useful to you. Well, OK, except this one idea (c'mon, you knew I couldn't just leave it there!):

If you don't know what it feels like when your soul is insulted, ask yourself one question next time something (anything) makes you pause and blink. (Note: It's an exercise in mindfulness just to notice those moments, BTW.)

Does that feel expansive or contracted?

If you feel smaller and squished and restricted in any way, your soul is telling you, "Hey, WTF?! How 'bout a little stand-up action here to keep me happy and safe!" And then use Mr. Whitman's powerful word: "dismiss." Kick it to the curb where it belongs and let the street sweeper pick it up tomorrow morning.

If you feel big and strong and light and joyful, congratulations! You've just stumbled upon what I like to call a "breadcrumb"—a cosmic trailmarker that points toward or is on your heart path to encourage you and lead you on.

"Re-examine all you've been told. Dismiss what insults your soul."

So, "all you've been told" is a lot to pore over. Tell you what, though. Let's start with "information" that comes from the government, our parents (as much as they love us and knowing that they were doing the best they could), mass media outlets, and big businesses.

I think that'll hold us for a while. Let us know what makes YOU feel expansive or contracted!

Lots of love.