Tidal wave dreams, or How I learned to relax and love the sucking sound

I used to have a recurring dream about running to escape massive, apocalyptic tidal waves. I would wake up exhausted and frantic, just before the thrashing water got to me.

As asleep in my life as I was at the time, I didn't realize that these dreams were trying to tell me something. Namely, that BIG change was coming my way and I'd damn well better turn and face it.

One child, a divorce, two businesses, a new relationship, and three moves later, I think I get it now. The monster wave dreams have finally stopped and I'm almost unrecognizable from the person who had them, because I did finally muster the courage to face the angels/demons that were trying their best to teach me how to face fear in a life-affirming, empowered way.

And yet, I'm feeling now in my waking life something very like the overwhelming energy that terrified me in those dreams.

What's this all about?

My sense is that something big this way comes again, but not just for me this time—for all of us.

Whether you read up on all the latest developments in the impending global financial collapse and the approach of the Blue and Red Kachinas, you're making plans to move to a safe-haven state, or you've stocked organic, non-GMO seeds in your cellar, many, many people are feeling waves of fear and dread. And this is on top of the usual daily anxiety generated by the heavy demands put on us to function within and contribute to an unnatural, broken, and corrupt global economy.

It's tempting to shut down, go dark, and head for the hills with my cans of Campbell Soup and a couple rolls of toilet paper.

But as my Jim always says when I get tweaky, "What do warriors do?"

Well, now. First of all, I doubt there'd be a hoard of Tomato Bisque involved. Second of all, I bet a warrior would be looking for ways to help, rather than thrashing around in the sticky, sulphurous quagmire of endless breaking news from www.theworldisending.com.  (BTW, that's not an active site--there's hope yet!)

So here's what I'm going to do with my increasingly acute awareness that Something Is Coming, in this order:

1. Breathe: It's amazing how much better you feel instantly when you remember to do this! Lately, thanks to my wonderful friend Letha Kiddie, I imagine each in-breath causing my heart to blossom like a huge flower and each out-breath sending beautiful golden light/love out the top of my head. (I started out with releasing any negative energy through my crown until my astonishing 11-year-old boy suggested recently that my technique might be "polluting." Humbling, no?

2. Relax: My lifeguard mom used to tell me that if strong water ever took me offshore, just to float easily until I got back near land or someone came to get me. Thrashing and struggling? Not so much. Note: Also attracts sharks.

3. Be an agent of calm. Eden Sky made a YouTube video on 2012 and the period leading up to it. I saw it a year ago and have been thinking about it ever since. She sees humanity as currently undergoing a "global healing crisis" and calls on us to become Medicine Warriors to "uplift the whole" during this "deeply accelerated" transition time. She says we have a choice: we can live out of great fear or great love.

So let each of us ask ourselves at least daily: What am I giving my attention to? According to the Vedic scriptures, whatever you focus on will become stronger in your life.

As the approaching storm builds, as we encounter bigger and bigger waves, let's encourage each other to surf those waves, to find a sense of play and excitement and empowerment as we once again become masters of ourselves and the energy all around us.

It's what warriors do.