"Thanks for borning me, Mom!"

I loveloveLOVE this expression, coined on Mother's Day by my then 5-year-old boy, the Amazing Cisco.

You moms out there know what it's like to "born" a baby. But do you know how to "born" (or even "re-born") your powerful, authentic warrior self? Warriors of all kinds (and make no mistake--every mom is a warrior!*) need strong, supple bodies. Workouts like these, particularly in combination with yoga, will get you there fast.

Cisco and I made a special video today for you moms (or anyone) who want to tone up those typical problem areas of the triceps (back of upper arm), tummy, and rear end. Like all of our workouts, this one is simple, fast, and fun!

In my yoga and fitness classes, you'll hear me harp on the importance of having a strong "General." In Chinese medicine, that refers to the midsection of the body, i.e., abdomen and low back. When you have a strong General, the troops (arms, legs, etc.) follow orders and life is good! A weak General leads to back problems, slouching, and often a defeated, victim-mindset attitude inside and out.

So Cisco and I hope you like this video (below) and that by Mother's Day next year you feel and look stronger, healthier, and more like the warrior goddess you truly are!

*To clarify for anyone who gets a Thor-like image in their mind when I use the term "warrior," here's my favored definition of the word from Freedictionary.com: "Warrior: One who is engaged energetically in an activity or cause." Sounds like a mom to me.