Empty Your Cup (CalPoly 052715)

Whenever I notice my ego getting all smug and self-satisfied, I remind myself to empty my cup.

Imagine your mind is a cup, a container. Once it's full, there's no more room for more.

If you find yourself believing you know something for sure, you have no space for any new ideas, new information, or new inspiration. You're an "expert." So sad for you. But good times for your ego!

In spiritual terms, if you believe you know anything at all for sure, you're doing yourself a big disservice. You're done learning and growing. Even sadder. Ego says, "Fuck yeah! I'm totally superior to all you poor, ignorant idiots because I know all about the One Way to Do It Right! We're Number One! (Witness all major religions.)

I ask you to entertain the possibility that you don't know jack shit.


Get comfortable with this idea.

The more you think you know, the less you really do. And the more your understanding deepens of how Life, the Universe, and Everything works, the more humble you're likely to get, because the horizon of Stuff You Still Don't Know continually recedes into the distance.

All my favorite "experts" say I have no idea pretty often. I respect that very much. Despite pieces of paper proving that they know things (i.e., Ph.Ds, medical school diplomas, or other such expensive certificates), they still have room for a, "Hmm. What an interesting question. I really don't know. What are your thoughts?"

Long story short: cultivate Beginner's Mind. It combines the innocent, wide-open wonder of childhood with the discernment and critical thinking of significant life experience. This powerful combination keeps you grounded and not all woo-woo up in your head.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue information and knowledge that you feel will expand your ability to be effective in the world. Quite the opposite! Research anything and everything that appeals to you. Go as deep as you want. And then remember: a master lets it all go to make room for more. The cup is emptied (or allowed to overflow continually, if you like) to make room for more.

I don't know if the phrases "empty your cup" and "my cup runneth over with blessings" have anything to do with each other in the annals of scripture. But regardless, I leave you with this blessing: May your empty cup runneth over.

All my heart,


PS: Everyone has something to teach you. If your cup is full and your mind is closed to a person or a situation, you'll miss out on what could be very useful information for you as a Human Being. Good intel comes from very unlikely sources sometimes.

Things to Practice with Your Spacesuit This Week

1. We started off this week with some animal-inspired movements: bear crawl, inch worm, gorilla, and crab. Many of you said how good it felt to move in an unprescribed, organic fashion reminiscent of our primate ancestry. Some of you said it was uncomfortable.

2. We learned yin-flavored Moon Salutes as an alternative to yang-flavored Sun Salutes. This is a variation of what I showed you, and I like it better.

3. Come-to-the-Present trick o' the week: Observe the inside of your left foot. We also toyed around during shavasana with relaxing often overlooked stuff, like your brain, your hair, your bones, your heart, and your skin.

3. Party trick o' the week: Scorpion (thanks, Derek!) or start with Dolphin pose. Also, fingertip push-ups if you're in a show-offy mood. :)