Trump Is Perfect: A Politics-Free Approach to Understanding Why He's Here

In light of the ancient idea that others are mirrors of ourselves, can we take the vastly more empowered and mature view that Trump is a signal to Americans and humanity at large that we must do our own inner work? If we can accept Trump as a reflection of all that is dysfunctional within We the People, and stop blaming the electoral process, other voters, institutions, and even other countries for this outcome, we have an unparalleled opportunity for deep, meaningful change as individuals and as a nation.

On Hating Hate, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Myself

My friends, I'd like to say a few words today on the shootings and other atrocities that are happening at a furious pace in both the US and around the world.

What's causing this (latest) volcanic eruption of hate?

The answer, plain and simple, is that as a species we are terrified. We always have been (wars, etc.), but right now evolution is happening at breakneck speed--and it's demanding that we acknowledge some survival-level issues. If we continue to ignore these warnings, devolution (a descent to a lower state) can settle in.

What we call "hate crimes" are actually the manifestation of deep fear. At the base of all fear is a raging desire to survive. Underneath that is usually a thick, sucking layer of self-loathing.

Even further down past the self-hatred is the unbridled Ego, creating a shifting, treacherous foundation for the whole human house of cards. The great illusion of that shaky foundation is now being brought to our attention powerfully, if we dare to witness it. Some might even say we're collectively being smacked in the head repeatedly by a cosmic two-by-four.

Here's how we got to this point, which even has a name: "The Human Condition." The untrained Ego needs to inflate itself to generate a (false) feeling of safety, security, separateness, and self-importance. It fights like a screaming banshee against anything and everything it perceives as threatening (like a spiritual challenge, different-colored skin, or people who behave "wrong"). Above all, the Ego wants to keep the miserable status quo, which is why most of us are chronically exhausted, sick, and unhappy. The Ego wages a mighty battle with Life--all day, everyday.

My vision of the untrained Ego. Gruesome, isn't it!

My vision of the untrained Ego. Gruesome, isn't it!

This all-out battle cuts us off from realizing (or even remembering) our vast potential as Human Beings. So the cycle of misery continues, and hatred rules the land.

What can we do? It seems hopeless.

But it's not! (Unless you want it to be, and many do.)

[Note to skeptics: The following are the most practical, radical solutions to the problem at hand. Putting even more people in jail, outlawing guns except for the military/police, and passing new fear-based laws will only perpetuate this nightmare, as we have seen. Thank you for your critical thinking skills! Please proceed.]

If you truly want to help, here's what to do now:

  • Talk to your Ego, which you can think of as your "small self." Identify it, name it, look at it, and know that it is not you. When you're upset in any way, your Ego has been threatened and is fighting back, trying to take all of you with it. Recognize that. Tell it, as you would a frightened child, "Hey, I see you're worried about something. You know what, though? This isn't a real threat. Let's save that energy for important things and get back to our work."
  • Stop focusing on the illusory "problems." Pointing out and agonizing over what's wrong multiplies the "wrong" things and makes them stronger.
  • Stop feeding your Ego by getting down and dirty with the latest "news." Like feeling terrible, "catching up on the news" is an addiction. Your Ego loooooves when you feel scared and weak.
  • Don't spend time with people who see themselves as victims of whatever is currently happening in their lives and/or the world at large.
  • Change your thinking so you're seeing the Big Picture more often, creating a sense of space, clarity, and mobility in your life.
  • Do and say things that feel happy and loving. Your emotions are your compass that will guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Begin falling in love with yourself. It's how the world heals! You are the ignition switch.
  • Accept your power as a Human Being and quit trying to give it away to "authorities" that say they'll keep you safe. They're lying. Besides, ultimately they can't do that.

To conclude: Hating hate is like an eyeball trying to look at itself. It's a closed feedback loop that cancels growth, movement, understanding, and--ultimately--vision itself.

If you want to help, don't be that eyeball. Work on yourself instead of spending so much time telling others, in great detail, how they're doing it wrong, and how, if they followed your logical instructions, they could make you really happy. (Talk about setting yourself up for misery! Yeesh.)

Meanwhile, let me remind you of something you already know in your bones: All is well, despite appearances to the contrary. Undoubtedly, the Universe is unfolding as it should.

Please, my fellow Humans! Breathe, relax, do your own work, and practice compassion for all those who have forgotten who they are. We can only go as fast as the slowest among us.

Thanks for reading,

You advocate self-love. What does that look like?

Recently a Human Being Training student asked the question: "What does self-love look like?" And here's the short answer to that wonderful inquiry: Self-love looks like doing only what you want. Only what makes your mind-heart-body thrilled (and sometimes a little scared).

This is where people get confused. Unfortunately, people in general (including those who consider themselves highly spiritual) are usually aghast at the idea of doing what they want. It would mean accepting their absolute power over themselves as the creators of their own lives, along with the tremendous responsibility that comes with this ultimate, inherent freedom. 99% of people want no part of that. They want to be told what to do by their religions, their governments, their parents, their schools, their friends, their local law enforcement--they automatically perceive any voice of authority outside of themselves to be more powerful than their own (if they even acknowledge that they have power).

Now, along with this information, I have to explain what "doing what you want" looks like. Two main things:

1. It's not something that happens from a big Eff You kind of attitude, although this can get you started. It's more like this: "Hey, I'm going to do what I want, and I hope you do also, because I want nothing but the best for you." True doing-what-you-want comes from a very loving place. You can't help anyone if you're a total wreck of exhaustion, resentment, and bitterness. We all know sad-sack martyrs. How much are they really contributing to the world?

2. It can often take the form of a major shift in attitude. So, as a CalPoly student said the other night, "I went from saying, 'Damn, I have to do my homework," to "I WANT to do my homework so I do well in X class so I can become the best X in the world, which is my overarching goal." Or my personal favorite, "Wha. I have to stop at Trader Joe's on the way home," becomes "I GET TO stop at TJ's on the way home so I can buy good food with the money I awesomely have, and carry it home in my MINI Cooper car that I love. I'm so effing lucky."


I hope this helps. And I hope you can see now that while this is a very powerful self-love practice, it's also perhaps the least selfish thing you can do. Those who don't understand yet will call you selfish, invariably. But as you learn to take your power back through this practice of being in charge of your own happiness, you'll teach the others around you to as well. Or at least give them a glimpse that something different and wonderful is possible. And that's really what the world needs most right now.

One of my favorite lines from the music I've been listening to lately is "Come down from your cross, we could use the wood." :)

I think martyrdom and socially conditioned "self-sacrifice" are among the most damaging and selfish ideas out there.

But don't take my word for it! Try it out yourself, and please let me know how it goes.

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Understand this in your bones.

The following is something I felt compelled to write down immediately before giving a Human Being Training last weekend. I read it during Corpse Pose at the end of class. These are several dominant themes of my teachings, which are the same ancient ideas the masters have brought to us over the millennia, but in my own voice. Several people wanted me to make it available publicly, so here it is. Thank you for asking!


What I really want you to understand--like, even down into your bones themselves--is that there is no label, or name, or description for how magnificent you are.

The Ego likes little names and categories, because more than anything, it wants you to stay small and docile. Society and all forms of authority outside of you approve and reinforce this process at every opportunity, offering the illusion of safety as a powerful lure to obedience.

There's nothing wrong with the Ego. It's not evil, and you don't have to squash it. What will happen, though, is that as you allow yourself to grow and learn, the true, unlimited You will naturally begin to overshadow the Ego and put it in its proper place: as your servant. It's been your master until now. And that's all that's wrong with the world.

You have a choice of love or fear in every single moment. The Ego chooses fear every time. Your true, beautiful Self will always choose love. Sometimes making decisions from love is absolutely terrifying! But that kind of fear comes from knowing you're being called to play the Big Game.

So quit playing small!

It doesn't help anyone for you to cover up What You Are. In fact, it diminishes us all.

And as you allow your Real Self to emerge comes the opposite of Ego. There comes profound humility, because you realize that everyone, everywhere is also the same unknowable, indescribable vehicle for outright magnificence.

Let your power begin to come through you and overflow.

Use it freely, spread it generously.

You are without limit! Act accordingly.

Meanwhile, remember to rest when the body-vehicle needs rest. Take good care of your physical vessel--your spacesuit--so it can keep up with you. There is great power and beauty in skillful rest.


Inner Space: The Final Frontier (CalPoly051315)

Note: This is the first in an ongoing series of articles documenting the extraordinary evolution of my now two-year-old, weekly Human Being Training program at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. I'm deeply grateful for the 35+ humans who participate in these yoga-based, music-driven adventures, since although I'm the titular instructor, the synergy we create together is what makes possible some truly jaw-dropping alchemy.

The energy of the community this week was crackling, edgy. It reminded me of the feeling I had recently during an autocross race when the back end of my car broke loose on a diabolically uneven, extra-long sweeping turn. The 360 that followed was epic, but disorienting. I was borrowing a magnificent, AWD turbo and forgot that the one thing to do with an all-wheel-drive car when its back end slips is to Floor It. And so we did in class what I failed to do on the race course. It was a sweaty, glorious mess.

Not my EVO, but you get the idea.

Not my EVO, but you get the idea.

I often have a theme of the week for Human Being Training (although I let the details fill themselves in as the class unfolds) and give a short talk on it before we get moving. This week, fueled by this life-altering Eckart Tolle video I've been studying, we explored the metaphorical concept of Inner Space: The Final Frontier. (I'm a total Star Trek dork, so this is how the Info presented itself to me.)

As always (OK, as often as I remember), I was practicing relaxing, setting down my ego, and letting the Information come through me as accurately as possible.

I try to listen to what my mouth says during Human Being Training, because when I let the Energy speak through me, it's generally pretty useful in the sense of providing instruction on how to become a Real Human Being. (This is how I think of folks like Jesus, Buddha, The Dalai Lama, Allah, Krishna, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Yoda, Your Favorite Avatar Here, etc.) And above all else, I'm passionately keyed in to removing as many layers of my Not-Self as I can in this particular lifetime. (Side note: I just saw the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie today--they call Real Human Beings "shiny" or "chrome." Cool.)

The excellent thing is that each of us is already Shiny. And most of us forget this surprising fact as we tool around in our little daily worlds, lost in a wilderness of jibber-jabbering, meaningless, constricting thoughts fueled by our raging egos and untrained but powerful five senses.

Most of us have forgotten that the Brain Mind is the servant of the Heart Mind and the Gut Mind, not the fucking boss of us. (Guess where your terrified, tyrannical, torturing ego lives? Mmm-hmm.) And most of us have also forgotten that each of our senses is a big red button in our spacesuit bodies, which are tools for exploring Time/Space. When you use them correctly, you can play the Game. When you don't know how your spacesuit works, you don't know there is a Game, and how much crazy-ass fun it is.

So here's the crux of what we learned this week: To create some space inside you, some deep peace and relief from the incessant, maddening barrage of the Monkey Mind (have you noticed all that internal noise?), to train your Brain Mind to do the will of the more intelligent Heart and Gut, you only need to watch your body breathe. Or feel the inside of your left foot or hand. In other words, feel the Life that you are. Observe that you are not the nerve impulses that create thoughts. You are what watches the thoughts arise.

Until next week, Human Beings, have fun and for God's sake don't take my word for any of this! I'm continually flabbergasted by the amount of stuff I don't know. Maybe, if you want, try some of these ideas for yourself and see what happens.

All my heart,


Things to Practice with Your Spacesuit This Week

1. V-e-r-y....s-l-o-w yoga pushups, with elbows in and a good plank going on (aka chaturanga). 10 seconds down, 10 seconds up. I can do 2 so far. Remember, slowness is a path to mastery and tremendous strength.

2. The hip mobility work we did. I found the exercises here. Love these guys.

3. As many frog leaps as you can do in 30 seconds. Do them like this!

4. Party trick o' the week: sit-throughs.


The Great Cartwheel Conspiracy of 2013

Note: All entries earlier than this one refer to Human Being Training's predecessor, Flash of White. I still like the articles, though, so I'm leaving them up. - AL

From the "news" (hope you're not still watching that!) to public schools to conventional medicine to government to corporate consumerism to law enforcement, there are many factors working to suppress the tidal wave of awakening humanity and make us feel very....frickin'....serious. Very threatened, small, and powerless.

And that's OK: it's all part of the cycle. According to Alan Watts, a hero of mine, we're exactly on track.

One of the most powerful things we can do to expedite the process of our evolution—of becoming Real Human Beings—should we care to, is to have some eff'n fun. Many, many people are beginning to figure this out and have started spontaneously dancing in public, offering free hugs on the sidewalk, developing alternative economies and ways of living together, and generally having a great time.

They're looking where they want to go, not where they don't. Cisco's dad taught me that key concept years ago while we were mountain biking on single-track, right after I climbed back up a steep, thistle-grown hill.

And in that spirit, conspire with me—literally, "breathe with me"—to have fun now. If it's not a cartwheel, make it a somersault, or a frog leap, or a hug, or a heart-felt compliment.

Dare to come alive! Do the unexpected. Be your weird, wild, wonderful self. Do what you want! And in doing so, inspire and alight those around you with the warrior courage it takes to walk the Earth as a Real Human Being.

Let us know how it goes! And PS: By not watching the news, we're not burying our heads in the sand. Nope. Know what's happening (without the corporate spin), and then look where you do want to go! Choose where to send your energy, is all. :)

Watch our video here!

The Joy of "No"

Squeegee your Third Eye

Squeegee your Third Eye

Our children can be our greatest teachers. Many of us grown-ups suffer from a form of ageism in which we believe that unless someone's a certain age, they can't be wise, or thoughtful, or aware. The way I look at it, kids are much closer to Source Energy than I am, having just emerged into this plane of existence. I, on the other hand, have spent nearly five decades here and occasionally forget to squeegee my third eye. (Thanks, American hero Bill Hicks; and please note that I employ other methods from what he recommends—not that I object to his methodology :).

Anyway, Cisco blew me away a couple of weeks ago with his pure-hearted, spontaneous, and utterly direct response to a question I posed. So refreshingly original was his response that I had a real sqeegee moment, smacked upside the head by the idea that you can just say "No!" to something you don't want to do.

Gasp. Pause.

What if we all did this? What would that look like?

In talking this over, a friend commented, "Well, if John does something for me, I HAVE to do something back for him. It would be rude not to."

Isn't that a nutshell version of our conditioned thinking so much of the time? And, uh, raise your hand out there (moms, I see you!) if you have a wee bit of resentment simmering (boiling?) constantly in the background as you force yourself through yet another day of doing things that you imagine will "make" others happy—even as your own soul dries up like an autumn leaf.

My response, in a precious, brief space of bright awareness (remind me I said this later, please): "Well, what if John did something for you because he wanted to? Because it brought him joy to do it? What if his gift to you was its own reward? Would you still feel obligated to do something for him even though you didn't really want to? How does that help him or you?"

So next time someone asks you do something that doesn't "light you up," just say "No!' (Optional but almost always appreciated: give them a hug and tell them you love them.)

Cisco's expertly rendered "No!" á là YouTube star Smosh will crack you up, crack up your "No-ee," and generally remind everyone involved not to take everything so damned seriously.

Let's repeal the unspoken prohibition on "No!" that has caused more misery, misunderstandings, and general chaos than the colossal failed ban on alcohol in the US from 1920 to 1933 (or, I might add, the perennially stupid War on Drugs).


Let's resolve to remember that it's the ultimate responsibility of each and every human being to make themselves happy from within, and to quit looking to others' actions and behavior for it. Because guess what: as Cisco would put it, "that's an epic FAIL!" Every time.

We hope you like our video this week. Please tell us how your own "No!" practice is going! (Also, see below vid for a quick note.)

PS: Parents, lest I be misinterpreted, the Joy of No! technique applies neither to chores nor homework at our house. However, as a side note, I do believe strongly in providing incentives for children to do what you require of them on a daily basis, rather than demanding, criticizing, and bullying. (Do you like being treated that way?) With incentives, the chore- and homework-doer is empowered to achieve something that he or she wants (TV or game time, special event with family, sleepover, etc.) and thus has an active role in the outcome. Then the child has a chance to transform a "No!" moment into a "Yes!" one all by himself. Yea, sighs of relief for everyone. :)

Sit-ups don't work. Here's what does!

Seriously, quit it.

Seriously, quit it.

If you're still a devotee of sit-ups and crunches, I have some bad news and some good news.

1. Bad news first: They don't work. You can't "spot reduce" that area to magically reveal a nice, tight six-pack. Also, they put tons of strain on your delicate neck and upper-back vertebrae. Are your neck and legs often more tired than your abs after a killer crunch session? Your body's super smart--it's recruiting those muscles in an effort to help you slog through your session. Its job is to make everything you do as efficient and easy as possible. So we have to shake things up! Also, by working those muscles in isolation, you exacerbate the imbalance between a tight front (abs, hip flexors) and a weak back that most Westerners suffer from, which generates chronic low-back pain.

2. Good news: You hate sit-ups, don't you? So cut that out. Let me show you something way more effective. By recruiting both your entire abdominal sheath of muscles AND the rest of your whole darn body, you'll burn off the fat that's covering your glorious six-pack (we all have them, but if you have some "padding," they won't show) and transform yourself into a sleek, powerful, graceful god/goddess.

Jogging, treadmilling, Stairmastering, ellipsing, and all those other tedious hamster-wheel exercises cause fat retention, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and extreme boredom. That's because human bodies aren't designed to work that way! We're meant to run from threats and chase prey. Because our genes still haven't caught up with the Information Age, if we want to stay fit and lean our whole lives, we need to simulate our hunter-gatherer ancestors and incorporate short bursts of intense activity into our daily lives.

Doing conventional crunches is also ineffective and a complete waste of your precious workout time. So let me show you what to do instead that's fun, fast, and—above all—effective! Here's Cisco's and my video of the week. There are a few additional instructions below the vid, so don't miss those for enhanced wonderfulness with this exercise.

A few extra tips for refinement:

1. In my martial art, we use the term taijutsu, meaning "body mechanics." Good taijutsu is very simple, but essential to make this effective for you. "Tuck your tailbone down" means, in other words, to stretch the base of your spine back toward your heels. I had a yoga student once whose back kept looking very swayed in plank pose. Turns out she was very carefully (and literally) pressing her tailbone toward the floor, causing her back to bend. Don't do that. As you press your tailbone back toward your feet, also draw your bellybutton toward your spine. This has the effect of firming and stabilizing the entire core area. Still don't get it? Picture a spiral of energy drawing the front of your body toward your face and the back of your body toward your feet.

2. If you're new to fitness and have been relatively inactive for years, PLEASE (yes, I'm yelling) start with the "easiest" version of this exercise, i.e., on your hands and knees. Neither of us will be happy if you hurt yourself and have to stop before you even get started. I'll come find you and box your ears!

3. Remember, you now have no excuses not to exercise! You can do my workouts anytime, anywhere. Depending on your level of ballsiness concerning working out in public spaces, the world is now your gym. Last week I did a quick workout on a pier over the ocean before a meeting. If people stare, invite them over to join you! You'll get laughs and smiles, and they probably won't, but I bet you'll inspire folks to get off their butts! This is revolutionary work, I tell you. :)

Next week: An amazing, spirit-boosting exercise that also sculpts your arms into beautiful, high-tensile steel (men and women both). No weights or pushups required!

The beauty of involuntary simplicity

Don't let this happen to you!

Don't let this happen to you!

After two years of paying $125. a month to store stuff I didn't need or want (or even remember I owned, in most cases), I finally took a day off last week to empty my 10x10 storage unit and give it all away. It was a heart-breaking, exhausting, and wonderful day.

The term "involuntary simplicity" has been floating around the Internet for a while now, so I can't take credit for it. But last week, as I tearfully watched dust bunnies swirl around my newly empty storage unit and the thrift store truck lumbered away, the phrase suddenly came home to me powerfully.

Always an advocate of simplicity and decluttering, I used to take the odd afternoon to clean out the closets or cabinets in my former big, beautiful house and take stuff to the thrift store. I loved the light, free feeling I got from reducing the number of possessions I had to organize and maintain. I realize now how relatively luxurious it is to pick and choose what you give up.

Far from being a doomsdayer or end-of-the-worlder, I avidly believe that humanity is perched on the brink of a gargantuan evolutionary leap from material-based to spirit-based creatures.

How many of you feel as though you're being funneled into a white-water rapids riding a broken-down wooden canoe with a hole in the bottom? And no paddles? Do you have a sense of shrinking material means (personally and globally) even as you experience your spirit emerging from the cocoon in the form of greater intuition, increasing glimpses of your own personal power, and awakening awareness of your essentially divine nature?


Or you might just feel, like so many of us do right now, that you're going crazy. In which case, relax! Despite apparent proof to the contrary, all is well.

This is all part of The Plan. And (hold on here): I think we're causing this chaos collectively, as a species, to make our evolution an absolute necessity.

Why? Because The Stuff, and our addiction to it, now owns us. And it's not even the kind of abundance we really needed or wanted.

So, voluntary or involuntary, we've got to strip back down to make room for what's coming, which is beautiful beyond belief.

It is easy? Is it fun? Maybe not. It's like birthing pains, I think. But we can either fight to hold onto our stuff or help the process along by focusing on what true abundance looks like: deep, self-generated happiness, living your soul purpose, time to spend with friends and family, growing and eating real food, and connecting more and more with Spirit, however that looks to you.

Parking Lot Pranayama


I watched my video last night before posting it here, and some words stuck out to me: "We're all so stressed out these days." Now, I could come up with a number of reasons why that seems to be the case, but it occurred to me that "being stressed out" might just be a matter of choice. And then, wouldn'tcha know it, I was reading this morning in my new Essence of the Upanishads by Eknath Easwaren (one-word review: wow) about the origin and causes of stress. Briefly, it appears I am on to something, according to this timeless Indian spiritual classic.

Apparently, in addition to the untrained human mind's default setting of living in the past (anger, regret, resentment, etc.) or the future (anxiety, fear, anticipation, etc.), our minds tend to react to circumstances and events based on an extremely narrow set of requirements that make up our definition of what's "acceptable."

It's kind of like if your body needed the temperature to be always 72-75 degree outside for it to survive. Anything outside that tiny range would prompt extraordinary, life-or-death measures to neutralize the threat.

That's pretty much what our untrained minds are doing when we feel the emotional and physiological symptoms of stress: high blood pressure, pounding heart, anger, depression (anger turned inwards), headache, upset stomach, and eventually the whole range of illness that can come with chronic, unrelenting stress.

Our untrained minds are reacting to a perceived threat to our survival. Common examples today include losing a job, a house, or a spouse, and hostile encounters daily with other peoples' hair triggers.

Easwaren writes, "Stress is not caused so much by difficult conditions as by what we think of such conditions.... [T]he world does not impose stress upon us; we impose stress on ourselves.... [W]hat brings on stress is often no more or less than our strong, self-centered desires and self-will—the fierce need to have what we want when we want it, and in the way we want it, too. If you look at anyone who seems chronically under stress, you will often find that person subject to rigid likes and dislikes which he or she cannot stand to have thwarted."

Easwaren goes on to tell the story of a famous surgeon whose reputation as high strung and opinionated was legendary. He often used to complain, "My life is at the mercy of any rascal who chooses to annoy me." He died of a massive heart attack one day immediately after a colleague contradicted him.

Can you relate? I know I can. How many of my days have I allowed to be ruined by a harsh word, an unintended slight, or even (gasp!) constructive criticism delivered with love?

Here's what we can do: train the mind through meditation. According to the Katha Upanishad (in modern language courtesy of the brilliant Easwaren): "When your mind is calm, patient, and compassionate, you do not respond to life with anger.... All the vital functions of the body keep their appropriate pace [despite the circumstances you find yourself in]. This is the kind of control I am interested in, for it has a direct bearing on living in full health, free from rigidity and destructive ways of thinking."

Well, here's Cisco's and my (poorly lighted) video of the week, which sparked my little epiphany! We hope you like it and benefit from it. Please let us know your thoughts!

Leading-Edge Life: Stop Cooperating

Last night I finished watching David Icke's masterful and inspiring 4-hour Radical Truth DVD, in which a sweat-soaked David speaks passionately about how we live in a time of "great opportunity." (Yes, he believes in aliens, so what? Prove him wrong—see my note on "normalcy bias" below.) Beyond Boundaries In order to take advantage of that opportunity, however, each of us must understand that we are slaves to and prisoners of a system that has quietly been designed over centuries to control, channel, and ultimately crush the once ferocious human spirit.

As he reminds us: "We are Infinite Consciousness! How can we be controlled except through fear, which happens when we forget who we are?" In truth, there is no "we" and "they." We are all one. Some remember that and some don't. Some live in love (aka Infinite Consciousness) and some live in fear.

Unfortunately, most of us are living in fear, which means that we are either a controller and oppressor or someone who gives their power away to controllers and oppressors.

How are "they" controlling us? Through: the food we eat the water we drink the taxes we're forced to pay, on jobs we're forced to have, to buy on credit the stuff we're told we need a medical/insurance industry that makes us sick religions that condemn us for questioning anything a legal system that twists the law a government that rescinds our constitutional right to protest without fear of prosecution while bombing "backward" countries for repressing unrest a public education system that trains, dumbs down, and indoctrinates rather than teaching (ever wonder why it's free?)

Why are "they" controlling us? Money and power. Intense interest in which indicates intense fear.

Think I'm spreading fear? I beg to differ. I repeat: "You have to know you're a slave before you can choose to be free."

What can you do?

Step 1: Above all, stay calm. Don't succumb to the chaos being staged right now. Stop giving away your power by being afraid.

Step 2: Stop cooperating with systems, rules, and authorities you don't believe in. Damn the consequences. If enough of us stand up together to live free, the house of cards will fall.

A Good Place to Start? Here's an example of the sheep-like thinking that's got us into trouble as a species: Did you know that it's illegal for the government to take our money in the form of taxation?There is NOTHING in the IRS Tax Code that stipulates that citizens must pay a percentage of their income to the US Government. It's a good old-fashioned Mafia-style shakedown, folks. How come the mainstream media doesn't talk about this?

Did you also know that the taxes we faithfully send in as part of our socially manipulated sense of "civic duty" does NOT go to schools, roads, hospitals, etc.? (Here's a hint: "...all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government.")

Recipe for a Revolution Watch this short video to see a big picture of what we need to do very quickly to take back our power and why. (If you're in law enforcement or the military, or know someone who is, please watch and forward the brief appeal linked to the main video.)

The Normalcy Bias and How It Kills People Read this to see why you probably won't believe what was in that video right away, or—if you do—why your mom or your Uncle Joey or your bridge club won't. If they don't, if YOU don't, do not give up. If you love humanity and value freedom, you cannot give up.

You are the savior you've been waiting for. Do the work that only you can do! Have courage. Use your own special gifts (do you know what they are?) to wake up and keep waking up. There's more, more, more than you ever imagined to Who You Are and why "they" want to keep you from figuring it out.

Please start paying attention. Please start getting involved. Please spread this message. If not for yourself, for your children and their children.

Leading-Edge Life: Ditch Your Medical Insurance

Yes, you heard me. Let it go. Dropping your medical insurance is one of the most potent things you can do to protest how the system is set up. It's also a powerful step toward taking full responsibility for yourself as a human being, starting with your physical health.

Here's the Sitch This may be news to you: the conventional "treatments" your insurance covers generally only make you sicker—sometimes in the short run, but almost always over the long haul.

Mammograms, which irradiate sensitive breast tissue, are strongly linked to cancer. (Quick aside: Why is there no such thing as a "manogram"? How come men aren't forced, to maintain their insurance, to have their testicles squished between glass plates and irradiated? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?)

Vaccines have NEVER been proven to work, and there is major evidence (heavily suppressed) that they are causing a massive autism epidemic. Many use mercury as a preservative, which means you're being injected with a potent neurotoxin so you can (supposedly) avoid the flu, which you wouldn't get anyway if your immune system were functioning properly. (Here's how to get that going.)

Uh, Alice? I'm not going to go too far down the rabbit hole with you here, but suffice it to say that there are billions of dollars at stake in keeping you sick, fat, broke, and ignorant. Our entire medical industry is set up to accomplish that deadly triple purpose brilliantly. If you doubt me, just follow the money.

Here's an example. Which would you tend to believe?

1. That fluoride is A-OK for you and your children because the American Dental Association, which receives funding from businesses like the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), says it is? (By the way, aluminum manufacturers produce thousands of pounds of fluoride dust every year—it's an annoying little hazardous waste by-product of the industry that kills or disables everything that breathes it. But we should drink it, because dentists say so! Right?)


2. That fluoride is a dangerous toxin that does not belong in our bodies except in the extremely minute amounts available to us through natural mineral-rich foods and water? This is the viewpoint of the broke, passionate, grassroots nonprofit Fluoride Action Network.

If you're still undecided, I'll just ask you this: who has more to lose if you decide fluoride has no place in our water supply? The ADA and ALCOA? Or the Fluoride Action Network and its thousands of moms, dads, and conscious public servant members?


"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"--Hippocrates Now, what if you took the money you spent on "health" insurance and used it instead to buy locally grown, free-range, organic produce and meat, along with a few key supplements? In 2009, the average American family spent around $13,000 a year to ensure it could have access to radiation, antibiotics, chemo, vaccines, painkillers, surgery, drugs, and other treatments of questionable benefit. That's about $1,083 a month. Think you could afford some good food with that?

OK, so say you're really going to consider this idea. You're really tempted to give up your monthly fee for treatments that you don't even believe in and may not use. You're ready to make the leap.

Health Begets More Health And then you think, "Wait, what if I fall off a cliff on that trip to Tanzania in the spring?"

I asked myself that question, too. How do accidents fit into the grand scheme of independent health? Here's what I think: When you're healthy and vibrant and fit and functioning like a well-oiled machine, you're so much less likely to have an accident! And if you do, you should know, like our recent ancestors did, how to set a bone, how to suture, how to tie a tourniquet, how to use medicinal plants to heal yourself and your family, etc. The information's all over the place. No reason you can't learn how. I'm working on it myself!

Here's another objection to my argument, on the more esoteric side, as addressed by Abraham, one of my favorite inspiration sources. A guy asked Abraham in a sort of belligerent way (which you often see in people arguing heroically for their perceived limitations), "Well, how come we can't grow a new arm, then?" There was a pause, and then Abraham replied simply, "Because you believe you can't."

And now, for something completely different. So am I counting on thought power to knit that mangled arm of yours in Tanzania? Not exactly. I don't think we're quite there. But I do think that's the direction we're headed in as a species! In fact, I believe we used to heal ourselves with our minds, but that we've been systematically robbed of that ability by people who want to control us and make us slaves. (There I go down the rabbit hole again. Sorry.)

In the interest of full disclosure: the antibiotic azithromycin saved my life from pneumonia in 2004 after my honeymoon in Costa Rica. So how do I reconcile that with my handy-dandy medical insurance-less existence?

I got pneumonia after staying up all night preparing for a wedding to a man with whom I knew I was ill-suited to spend my life. Good man, turned out to be a great dad to our son, but not right for me.

See where I'm going with that? It's all about taking ultimate responsibility for yourself. We've been trained to do the opposite, and now many of us are stuck in passive victim mode.

Unplug from the medical industrial system. It really doesn't serve you, and exists only to perpetuate itself. Take back your power and start living life as you were meant to live it—free, healthy, independent, and strong! It's never too late.

UPDATE Friday December 16, 10:12 AM PST:

Well, as I expected, this has caused a bit of a kerfuffle among people who feel we must at least have emergency medical insurance. Please see Tom's comment below on that issue, in addition to the short post I just wrote on Facebook:

I'm taking some flack on this from people (the anger is what I've come to expect when I bring up radical personal responsibility) with concerns about accidents and how it's important at least to have some kind of insurance for emergency care. What I want to convey, and perhaps I should've gone further down the rabbit hole in my post to explain this, is that we won't be able to count on insurance of any kind AT ALL in the very near future because of powerful economic and political factors currently in play. In particular, Medi-Cal/Medi-Care are not viable options in the long-term for those with low incomes who cannot afford insurance.

My post was meant to instill a sense that it's time we all become completely self-sufficient and stop relying on the government to provide for us in any way, shape, or form. To depend on this crumbling, broke, corrupt, and inept system is far riskier, in my opinion, than going without Medi-Cal. I suggest making friends with a surgeon or doctor, or better yet learn how to treat wounds and injuries yourself, stop eating sugar and processed food (anything in a box, can, or bag), get fit, and take responsibility for your own health and your family's. My message is as simple as that.

Now, having said that, if my kid broke his arm, would I take him to the emergency room? Of course I would! Here's my point, though: What if I COULDN'T? What if it was filled with hundreds of other injured people seeking care? What if it was closed? What if the doctors left? What if I couldn't even get to a hospital in the first place? See my point? All I'm advocating is self-sufficiency. We've been encouraged to rely completely on a system that's about to shut down. How are you going to respond?

UPDATE Monday December 19, 3:00 PM PST:

I'm still getting some blow-back from folks who say they have to have insurance, or what would've happened to Granny in '01 when her ticker started to give out, and do you think we should've just gone bankrupt because Johnny needed ACL repair after that tough fourth quarter last fall?

Believe me, I have the same concerns! And that's what concerns me! My son Cisco was born with seizures in 2000 and spent a week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital while they did MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, etc. I was and will always be grateful to the people who helped us during that tough time. (By the way, it turned out Cisco's brain was mildly bruised during our 34-hour-long discussion over whether he was going to get born or not after running two weeks late. He's a very bright, happy kid now, and loves to be on time! Go figure. I adore my big-head baby.)

Anyway, that little stint in the hospital cost $16,000. That's sixteen thousand dollars. Would I pay it all over again if I had to? Of course. Did we have insurance? Yes! Did we have to fight BlueCross for every single f---ing nickel and dime of it? You bet. Took six months of heavy paperwork as I nursed my newborn, gave him his antiseizure medicine, cried, and prayed hard for his full recovery. Years after that, even as Cisco was entering kindergarten, we were still getting harassing calls from providers and insurance people alike insisting that we pay more toward the hospital bill although we had been "fully covered" under our policy.

What would have happened to Cisco, and Granny, and Johnny if they hadn't been insured? Would they have received treatment? That's all I'm asking you to look at.

And I'm asking you to consider helping me to find a way to end our dependence on a very shaky, very corrupt, and very ineffective system that was supposed to protect and serve us, but which has been co-opted by forces that do not give a damn about any of us. Do individuals within the system work hard to take good care of people and do the best job they can? I have no doubt about that. Are they severely hampered by rules, regulations, bottom-line thinking, and the systemic enforcement of mediocrity? I think you can guess the answer to that.

In closing, I'm posting a link to a new kind of doctor who's completely bucking the insurance-ruled medical industry and returning to her original purpose in wanting to become a doctor: healing people. Wow, that's radical in these times. A friend also alerted me to a new kind of health-care paradigm that I find very hopeful and fresh. Perhaps we can begin to find a solution through such "renegades" by encouraging them through our own willingness to take responsibility for our health, rather than giving our power away to entities that see Cisco, Granny, and Johnny only as dollar signs.

We cannot count on faceless, inhumane, bureaucratic institutions to protect us from danger, discomfort, or disaster. We must begin to rely on ourselves and each other, as we've done for millennia. There's no reason to return to the Stone Age--let's use our brilliant surgeons, our incredible technological advances, our understanding of our Earth to create a future that serves us, rather than oppresses us.

Many blessings to you as we ride the wave of this intense energy into 2012! Long live truth, beauty, and love!

PS: Here's Dr. Wasson's Facebook page if you want to send her some love and encouragement. It's not easy to buck the trend, and she's out there on the leading edge of a new, better version of humanity.

To Infinity....and Beyond!

I follow a blog by Trig Bundgaard, who really knows his Bible and deciphers the original, true teachings of Jesus Christ through his understanding of ancient Greek. Plus, he leads a weekly discussion group called What Would Jesus Brew. That's all I needed to hear to get on board.

I've never thought very highly of the Bible, perceiving it as written by fear-driven men whose sole purpose was to control the masses, and particularly women. I think it's still largely used for that purpose today. But Trig has shown me that the truth is in there, if you know how to get at it.

Anyway, in the comments section of Trig's excellent post today on how Jesus has already returned, one of his readers allowed as to how every human being is “a filthy rag not worthy of His love, yet He grants me grace and has made me a new (yet still imperfect) creation.”

Hmmm, I wondered eloquently. Why would the Ultimate Power, the Alpha and Omega, Source Energy, God, whatever you want to call it, create me as a "filthy rag not worthy of His love"? Ew. Am I not defined in the Bible also as a "child of God"? Does this strike anyone as odd? Parents out there, did you set out to bring a "filthy rag" into the world?

I responded to the comment that I was sad the man thought so little of himself, being all unworthy and raggy and stuff. I wrote about my absolute conviction that every human being, rather than being a "wretched sinner" as we've been encouraged to believe, is an extension of God—a walking, breathing divine being. So far, no reply.

Most of us are either asleep to that truth or actively refuse to acknowledge it, because BOY, would we have to bump up our game. Those who recognize their inherent divinity totally wreck it for the rest of us. Talk about ruining the curve.

Why are people like Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. killed? Because we can't handle the truth. We don't WANT to know what we're really capable of, because then what's our excuse for not doing it?

And what about this "sin" business anyway? Could it be that rather than all the fornicatin' and swearing and lying and killing and all the other activities condemned by our friendly neighborhood preachers, the real sin is in forgetting the divine Gift we've been given and throwing it back in the face of our Creator because, frankly, it's just way too much responsibility to live and act with the understanding that we are one with God and each other?

From another very interesting and powerful blog post I read recently called the Shield of Khamael (in the Kabbalah tradition):

The core of strength, the essence, and the coiled energy of sacred strength is within you, yet you have assigned the overseeing, control, and possession of these powers to the profane who would rule you without accountability.

Why do we give our powers away? When will we rise into our true greatness and accept the awesome responsibility and joy that come with our divine nature?

Personally, I'm with Buzz Lightyear. I say fire all the torpedoes and let's get this party started. What are we waiting for? "To Infinity...and Beyond!"

The Poison of Gossip

Do you subscribe to the radical idea that "sin" means forgetting your true nature as a Being of Light?

Do you agree that each of us is connected because we are all made of the same energy, which is Infinite Love?

Then perhaps you will agree with me that "evil" is anything that creates a sense of separation between us.

Based on these beliefs, I've come to the conclusion this week that gossip is a form of evil. It divides in its effort to conquer. I could almost believe that the powers of darkness really enjoy this toxic veering away from the Light.

A gossip is "a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts." Gossip itself is commonly defined as "rumor or report of an intimate nature."

Have you ever gossiped? I have. And I know it feels yucky. But there's also a sneaky little pleasure in it that seduces with its ability to highlight someone else's shortcomings for a change—to shift the focus temporarily to someone else's shit. Because God forbid we look at our own steaming pile.

The danger, the evil, of gossip is that it makes the gossiper separate from the person being gossiped about. And those who listen to, encourage, or engage in gossip are making themselves separate from the soul, rarely present to defend itself, that's the target of this malicious form of speech.

Someone famous once said: "Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone." Don't know about you, but I've very frequently forgotten Who I Am, and acted accordingly. I certainly don't deserve to throw any stones.

When we are operating from Love we are in our power as human beings. Love is the opposite of fear. When we are filled with the knowledge of Who We Are, we don't have the need to defame, slander, or libel others, much less take pleasure in it.

No. We stand with our brothers and sisters, shining the light of our bright Selves on their highest, best attributes. We turn away from the shadows that trail each of us and focus on the essence and truth of our beings. We encourage and love. We shout, "Keep going! You're doing great!"

Here's an idea: Next time you're tempted to gossip or engage with one, make a farting noise with your lips. Jim does this with spectacular success. Talk about a conversation stopper! It calls people back to remember their true nature. Or pisses them off. Either way, you just got rid of a gossip.

Much love to you on your journey! May our paths meet soon.

Why are you here?

I asked my yoga students that question tonight during Savasana (corpse pose), in which I encourage them to practice dying, or—in more acceptable terms in our death-phobic society—"releasing the physical self."

I sensed a silent "hrrrrr?" from many in the room (refer to photo).

I remember when I first got asked that question a few years ago. I did the same thing. My answer was something like, "Uh, because I was born?" Unfortunately, I was already 42 at the time. So according to my genes, I'm already almost halfway done (although I have a plan for that).

Talk about a sense of urgency! Besides, what's that great Jack Nicholson line in A Few Good Men? "You can't HANDLE the truth!" That was me. I so wasn't ready to hear what I was supposed to do, and I wouldn't have believed it then anyway.

So, in case you don't already know, I'd like to ask you the same question, because the clock's ticking on this lifetime:

Why are you here?

You came here to do something. What is it? Are you doing it? Are you awake?

Get really quiet and tune into your heart space. Then ask. Your heart is way smarter than your mind in these things, although they're meant to work together as twin, razor-sharp blades that cut away ignorance of all kinds.

Here's a hint: it's the thing that lights you up like frickin' Fourth of July. It's what makes you feel expansive, joyful, and powerful. It's what makes YOU bad-ass. (Yes, you.)

Still don't have it yet? Nothing in your life like that? Start paying closer attention. Every soul, including yours, has a mission. Depressed? Angry? You're soul's waiting on you to let it loose to work its magic.

Once you get the answer (and you'll know it's the truth because you'll feel happy and probably scared because you've dared, you rebel, to name your heart's desire), start taking a step everyday to make it your reality.

Here's a practical example. Say you're currently a fry chef at McStarPanera, Inc. But you realize the reason you're here on this glorious planet at this extremely auspicious time is because you have an incredible connection with our animal brethren. You can communicate with them and they with you. You cry and laugh when they tell you their stories. They listen when you tell yours. You know what animals need and can help their human guardians understand how to take good care of them. You're an inter-species translator!

So you continue to work at McStarPanera for right now—unless you're like me and you just quit everything you were doing and live down by the river until all the exploded pieces of your life fall back to earth in a new shape you like better. (Note: This approach is not recommended for its entertainment value.)

But the difference is, you're heart's now on fire with a mission! You start smiling at people, asking questions about their pets. Maybe you start up a few new friendships with fellow animal lovers and start a weekly meeting to discuss ways to make your special services available, because you know—deep down—that you're absolutely needed. One day a holistic vet comes in and you strike up a conversation....


Once you ask the question and allow yourself to hear it, your heart, assisted by your mind, will lead the way into a future that you could never have imagined was possible.

It all starts with a question: Why are you here?

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." --Oscar Wilde

Much love to you.

Give me liberty.

I'm reading a book that's blowing my mind. Naomi Wolf's Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries is a manifesto for the salvation of the idea that is America, and a treatise for the resurrection of the human soul. One cannot happen without the other.

Last week Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, declared that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not a political, economic, or governmental crisis, but rather a spiritual one. He went so far as to say that until each of us comes to the realization, on a cellular level, that We Are All One, nothing will change for the long term. Until we understand that harming another being means we're harming ourselves, the cycle of abuse and corruption will continue over and over, as it has throughout human history.

Naomi offers a description in the beginning of her book of the choice each society, community, and individual has to make as it/he/she evolves:

Dissident Natan Sharansky writes that there are two kinds of states—"fear societies" and "free societies." ...The two societies make up two kinds of consciousness. The consciousness derived of oppression is despairing, fatalistic, and fearful of inquiry. It is mistrustful of the self and forced to trust external authority. It is premised on a dearth of self-respect. It is cramped....

In contrast, the consciousness of freedom—the psychology of freedom that is "America"—is one of expansiveness, trust of the self, and hope. It is a consciousness of limitless inquiry. "Everything," wrote Denis Diderot, ..."must be examined, everything must be shaken up, without exception...."

It's up to each of us to decide whether we want to live in fear or freedom, within ourselves and in our larger communities: families, cities and towns, states, countries. Fear produces slavery. Freedom demands responsibility and honesty.

If you choose to live free, you must begin to disobey. There's no way around that. The once-great and wild American people have been tamed, dumbed down, poisoned, condescended to, disrespected, and caged.

And we've let it happen.

Do our souls still have the strength to break out of the prison that's been built around us? That we've watched be built, and sometimes even helped so we can feel "safe" and "secure"?

I have a lot of hope that this will happen. I'll see you Out There.

Much love, peace, and power to you.

Occupy your health!

Let's look this week at how to start taking back your health from the monopoly run by the FDA, Centers for Disease Control, most medical doctors and dentists (although that's slowly changing as their education and awareness improves), Big Ag, and Big Pharma. Three things happened to me last week that really highlighted how important it is to become your own family doctor and nutritionist. Am I talking about "serious, scary" stuff like cancer, too? Oh, you bet. Click here to enter the Rabbit Hole, Alice.

Disclaimer If a jaguar rips off your leg for a midnight snack, please go to the emergency room to have it sewn back on (if you can get it back and assuming you don't die from the sepsis many people pick up at the hospital).  However, barring jungle maulings and other unfortunate accidents, if you take good care of yourself with smart exercise, nutrition, enough sleep, a spiritual practice, and emotional trauma-release techniques, the usual crap that sends people to the doctor won't happen anyway. Overly simple? Nope, it's just that simple.

Thing One My friend Lucinda at Illuminated Life sent me a link to this article on how MSG, a potent and highly addictive neurotoxin, is deliberately hidden in the vast majority of foods consumed by most Americans. This includes all the "hydrolyzed soy protein" in your favorite high-protein snacks. (That stuff's usually genetically modified, too, so you get to participate in one of the greatest health experiments in all of human history! Monsanto thanks you for signing you and the kids up! Oh, you didn't get that memo?)

*Lesson learned: The general food supply is poisoned.

Note I said "poisoned," not "poison," although both are true. What do I mean? Well, if the existing power structure, which regards you as a slave and income source, can also make you sick and you don't know how to heal yourself, then you get to pay massive medical bills by maxing out your credit cards and borrowing from all your relatives while you keep working until you die of the disease they can't really cure you of! Isn't it perfect? (For them?) Think I'm exaggerating? Follow the money trail.

Thing Two I got a link in my email to a newsletter about how to heal (yes, heal) cavities in yourself and your children (and prevent future ones), even if your regular dentist says a root canal is in order. How? Can you add two things to your grocery list? Raw butter and fermented cod liver oil. Oh, yum. But hey, I've had a root canal! This is NOT a hard choice to make!

*Lesson learned: I don't have to fear dental problems for myself and my family! Wow! Huge relief. For good measure, I ordered Ramil Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food from the Healthy Home Economist's site (that's an affiliate link, so she gets a few bucks).

Thing Three:  A few years ago, when I had a regular life, knew pretty much nothing, and had medical insurance, I had surgery to eliminate a nasty infection on my thumb that had eaten down to the bone over the course of two years. Three rounds of different antibiotics hadn't touched it, and the pain was excruciating. (Ever notice how much you use your thumb?) A biopsy revealed the presence of a weird, persistent little germ called Mycobacterium marinum. It kills fish instantly, but is also dreaded by sailors and people in aquaculture everywhere for its tendency to recur over the years. It can get pretty serious if it's not addressed. The "fish tank finger" bug had apparently taken up residence in a cut while I was maintaining our little koi pond.

Last week, after two years, it came back. I was terrified. That little telltale blister on my thumb opened up and the itching, stinging pain began again. I started to panic. Then I remembered Dr. Ohhira's probiotic. I remembered that my friend Tom Imhoof, a certified health coach, says Ohhira's kills viruses and bacteria, and that he knew of a man who had been saved from a massive, hospital-acquired staph infection by having Ohhira's applied topically to his lesions.

I figured, hey, it can't hurt. I opened a capsule, smeared some on my thumb, and slapped on a Hello Kitty bandaid just to be thorough. Two days later, the blister was gone and the skin was perfect again.

*Lesson learned: Do some research, remember what you've learned, try something new, ask a friend or your grandma. Don't let "the Authorities" scare you! You can do this.

So, that's it. Occupy Your Health! Take back your power! Here's a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to think about while you're deciding whether to take the plunge:

Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.


Going toward the roar...

Note: Some readers may find the following information upsetting. Others will find it inspiring as well. It's the truth as I and many others are awakening to it. Our work is to wake you up, if you're not already, so we can raise the vibration on this planet and change the path of current events. Read on if you have been living by default and now want to have a say in your personal destiny. ----------------------------------------- This has been a really interesting week! Do you feel the massive amounts of energy that are swirling all around us? The Occupy Wall Street movement has greatly sped up the pace and intensity of what so many of us are already experiencing as a colossal ground-swell of evolutionary, planet-wide change.

Every time I think I'm "awake," meaning aware of myself as Source Energy incarnated in this astronaut suit I call my body, something else comes along that cracks my heart and mind open just a little wider.

This week, that opening came from a video I happened upon by David Icke, who a couple of years ago I thought was totally nuts but whose information I now watch and listen to very closely.

If you've never heard of him and you're a Googler like I am, let's get this out of the way now: David Icke talks about human-reptile hybrids, the Moon being a space station from which humans are being spied upon and influenced, and other completely woo-woo-sounding ideas. Like I said, I used to think he was crazy, too. Then I started paying attention and making up my own heart-mind about his ideas, rather than listen to the opinions of others.

As an ardent supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, insofar as it's a massive push for human evolution rather than a collection of grievances against and petitions to the existing global power structure for change (i.e., asking the Beast to chain itself), I was interested when I saw David had posted a video called "Essential Knowledge for a Wall Street Protestor and Everyone Else."

I wondered what he thought about the movement and how he wanted to help. I knew he wanted to help, because all of his stuff is centered on the theme of humanity "getting off its knees." He tells us, "the Lion sleeps no more" and encourages us to "remember who we are."

So I watched his video to see what he had to say...and learned that there's a battle on for the human soul.

From another room, I heard, "There is nothing more manipulatable than genuineness that's not street-wise." I stopped in my tracks and turned around to sit and listen more closely, transfixed by how he had nailed my concern about the movement of these predominantly open, enthusiastic, beautiful people.

His main messages? Not easy to hear, and yet they resonate with the energy so many of us are feeling right now:

1. The OWS movement is already being co-opted by the same powers it's resisting. They already own it. They're already inside it managing the outcome. (Not that I wish it, but be on the alert for violence erupting soon, giving the existing police state an excuse to declare martial law.)

2. Until we end the current insane system of money creation, nothing will change. As long as that system stays in place, OWS leaders who are allowed to come to power (and make no mistake, they will be allowed at the whim of the power structure if it serves their purpose), will become corrupt and the cycle of abuse will start all over again. (Note: Be very alert if Ron Paul is permitted to win the presidential election. Just like Obama was allowed to win, elections are just for show. Both parties are arms of the same criminal organization. They want us to get caught up the debates, just like televised sports, reality shows, and shopping are designed to keep us distracted from their theft of our money, happiness, and well-being.)

So I received this jolt of information, closely followed on its heels by another a day later, from the widely beloved author of the Conversations with God series, Neale Donald Walsch, in his blog post "Please tell the Occupy Movement..." Now, I don't know about you guys, but when a man who's known for taking dictation from God (which we can all do, by the way, if we just listen) says he has a message for people I care about, I like to tune in.

Neale's message? Pretty simple:

Nothing will change and the cycle will repeat until the majority of human beings understand that We Are All One--with each other, with the planet, with everything that exists.

Until we realize that we don't need to change our behaviors, but rather our deeply held (and strongly encouraged) belief that we are separate from God and each other, no beneficial change that OWS brings about will last.

Neale received a firestorm of protest over his assertion that the OWS protests are heading down a dark road, prompting him to clarify and strengthen his message a day later. The hostile reaction to his message surprised and saddened me, because so many people still don't get that! You know what surprised me the most, though? It's the most shocking and disturbing part of this whole awakening experience for me:

Many, many people, most of whom classify as "the 99%," are fighting passionately for our oppressors.

Check the Yahoo! message boards. Look at the CNN and Fox forums online. Millions (of Americans, at least) are rabidly, ferociously angry at and offended by this movement. Not only the OWS movement, but the general groundswell of human evolution that's occurring.

Do you know why?

Because becoming a real, full, mature human being demands personal responsibility.

It's ironic that most of the people expressing hate for the OWS supporters (and vaccine refusers, and natural health advocates, and other people dropping out of the corrupt global paradigm) condemn us for refusing to take responsibility for ourselves. They call us "lazy," "pathetic," "scumbags," and worse.

There's a biological reason for this reaction, actually, for those of you who are interested in such things. It's known in scientific circles as the "normalcy bias," and it keeps people—literally—from seeing or understanding that things outside of their normal experience are happening, as though the events were invisible. In some of us, this is part of our brains' wiring. It happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Many of those comfortable, wealthy, ancient families, despite hearing what was approaching, sat and watched as Hitler's soldiers came for them. Those poor souls just couldn't fathom such ill intent, much less that actions were being carried out based on that intent. Then they froze like placid deer in the headlights when it did. What happened to their fabled gold, their priceless libraries and art? Stolen by the Nazis. Sound familiar?

That's because the very same thing is now occurring in our beloved, once-great United States of America and around the world, and most people refuse to open their eyes and see it, because of the normalcy bias.

Medically, I could also refer you to a psychological condition known as Stockholm Syndrome, in which people who are kidnapped and held or tortured for long periods actually defending their captors, saying what nice guys they were, and they fed us and gave us water, and really, you should go easy on them. After all, they could have killed us, right?

People suffering from Stockholm syndrome come to identify with and even care for their captors in a desperate, usually unconscious act of self-preservation. It occurs in the most psychologically traumatic situations, often hostage situations or kidnappings, and its effects usually do not end when the crisis ends. In the most classic cases, victims continue to defend and care about their captors even after they escape captivity. Symptoms of Stockholm syndrome have also been identified in the slave/master relationship, in battered-spouse cases, and in members of destructive cults.

Isn't that interesting? I believe many of us are suffering from a potentially deadly combination of Stockholm Syndrome and Normalcy Bias. Why potentially deadly? Because with every minute that ticks by, the pressure is building and the volatility is growing. People are desperate. People are angry. People with nothing left have nothing left to lose.

So what can we do? It's really easy at this point just to throw in the towel, enjoy your friends and family, eat chocolate donuts and popcorn (name your poison) and figure, what the hell. Many people are doing that, and it's understandable. However, it's not the warrior way. If you're reading this and got past my warning at the beginning, I assume you want to do something to help, and take responsibility for yourself.

As the final part in the trilogy of information I received this week, I got an email from Craig Hamilton, who heads an educational organization called Integral Enlightenment. It was the capstone for what I feel is the most intelligent, heart-led, and expeditious way forward for the human race and our planet. I've copied it here for you:

To Occupy Wall Street supporters and all awakening human beings:

"...[In] authentic God Realization, ...the ego has been radically overridden by the ultimate principle, by the creative force of the cosmos, by what Gautama Buddha called 'the roar of the timeless beyond....'

In this radical realignment at the core of our being, we begin incarnating divinity and we give our every breath to making that divinity known and fully expressed in this world.

In this unconditional stand, we discover our final liberation from the world, even as we give everything to transforming the world into an expression of the sacred.

And when enough of us learn to live in this way, we will have Heaven on Earth."

Practicing meditation or prayer, going within, taking ultimate responsibility for ourselves, and losing our debilitating fear of (but not respect for) physical death constitute the only way out of the fate we seem to be rushing toward, my dear friends. The change must be systemic, and it must start within each individual soul. We cannot use the current system to dismantle the current system. That way lies madness. But we could change it all in an instant.

Go within yourself and have your own Conversation with God, or whatever you call God. It lives in your heart, and it wants to be heard. It will tell you how to prepare for the changes, if you listen. Please, if you can't do it for yourself, do it for the rest of us.

We are now in a bardo, or what Tibetan Buddhists call a point of choice. Preparation is key to making the best decisions at this auspicious and rare time. I'll tell you what we're practicing right now, and it's a good place to start: "Keep your seat." Stay calm; avoid panic and fear.

I'm heading toward the roar... Come with me?