Driving to Maine: Day 5

The flamboyant diva outside my room at the Thunder Mountain house

The flamboyant diva outside my room at the Thunder Mountain house

My second day of waking up to bird song at 8:29 am! Of course, I ignored it and rolled over back to sleep for a few hours, but I had noticed it. Such effortless waking is generally unheard of in my world. Normally, when my alarm goes off, I feel like I’ve been dead and now, for reasons that don’t excite me, I have to not be dead again.

Cara Marie had arranged for me to have a treatment with her friend Helena Bacellar, a master Reiki practitioner, yin yoga instructor and craniosacral therapist, at 3:30, so I occupied myself for a few hours with more writing and looking around town. I went to a shop Daniel had recommended and wandered through isles of crystal dragons and angels, countless rows of meaningful gems and minerals, piles of sacred incense, and hundreds of self-help books. Feeling bemused and out of my element, I bought a pair of plain quartz earrings (“the master healing stone”) and traveled on.


My session with Helena was very relaxing and informative. She found the twist in my pelvis from my arthritic right hip and brought that back more into alignment with gentle adjustments that nevertheless held great power. She moved to my head, cradling my neck, and after a few moments I felt the chronically tight left side of neck release and drop down toward my shoulder. I’d been getting my son craniosacral treatments for the past year to remedy a few teenage head bonks and chronic slouching from playing his saxophone for hours, and now I understood why he always had a big, sleepy smile on his face when I picked him up after. I intend to experience that again.

Later, back at the house, I made my friends dinner in the chef’s kitchen looking out over Thunder Mountain. We ate outside, talking and watching strings of prayer flags flutter in the breeze. Bats began to tumble overhead as quail and scrub jays found their last food for the day. After dinner Daniel and Cara Marie, who turns out to be quite a popular singer and performer with several CDs to her name, played a few songs together. I brought my guitar out to absorb the lovely vibe. They encouraged me to join in, as one of my intentions on this trip is to get comfortable singing again after emotional trauma around my voice shut it down for decades. I managed a little backup for Cara Maria on her recent "happy blues song," feeling shy but a little more confident.

thunder mountain dinner.jpg