Order & Simplicity

This is something I wrote down and read during savasana at the end of a recent Human Being Training. I hope you find it useful.

During those dark nights that we all endure, remember this: you are not your thoughts. You are not your body. Understanding this can give tremendous perspective, like an eagle's-eye view, allowing you to become the observer of your own experience.

When you crave the beauty and peace of order and simplicity, begin to watch yourself: compassionately, non-judgmentally observe your immediate physical and mental experience. Taking this step back, away from the hot mess of your unexamined, "normal" daily life, gives you a chance to gain a degree of peace and clarity. It opens the way to a vision of the true nature of things.

You might say something like this to yourself, as though objectively describing someone else:
"I'm feeling really anxious. My heart rate is going up! The thoughts in my mind feel jumbled, panicky, and confused. It feels like there are small flying things under my breastbone." Take the time to watch, look, and listen.

This is a powerful way to re-order yourself--to witness your own experience from a calmer, remote location. This is known as Big Mind, to name one of the more popular explanations of this perception-widening technique.

Accessing Big Mind (or God, or whatever you want to call it) takes discipline. It takes a desire to emerge from the hard chrysalis of your little self and step into your winged, free True Self. It takes a warrior, a Human Being.

In training here with us tonight, you are initiating this process of expansion. Every time you meditate, feed yourself well, empty that expensive, ancient storage unit, turn off the TV, clear a pile of stuff off the counter, or compassionately disengage from yet another endless, circular argument, you are coming back to Yourself.

You are coming home. And learning one of the most advanced lessons of human mastery--being at home in Yourself.

So encourage your innate desire for order and simplicity. Amid the glorious chaos of Life, it will take you far.