To Infinity....and Beyond!

I follow a blog by Trig Bundgaard, who really knows his Bible and deciphers the original, true teachings of Jesus Christ through his understanding of ancient Greek. Plus, he leads a weekly discussion group called What Would Jesus Brew. That's all I needed to hear to get on board.

I've never thought very highly of the Bible, perceiving it as written by fear-driven men whose sole purpose was to control the masses, and particularly women. I think it's still largely used for that purpose today. But Trig has shown me that the truth is in there, if you know how to get at it.

Anyway, in the comments section of Trig's excellent post today on how Jesus has already returned, one of his readers allowed as to how every human being is “a filthy rag not worthy of His love, yet He grants me grace and has made me a new (yet still imperfect) creation.”

Hmmm, I wondered eloquently. Why would the Ultimate Power, the Alpha and Omega, Source Energy, God, whatever you want to call it, create me as a "filthy rag not worthy of His love"? Ew. Am I not defined in the Bible also as a "child of God"? Does this strike anyone as odd? Parents out there, did you set out to bring a "filthy rag" into the world?

I responded to the comment that I was sad the man thought so little of himself, being all unworthy and raggy and stuff. I wrote about my absolute conviction that every human being, rather than being a "wretched sinner" as we've been encouraged to believe, is an extension of God—a walking, breathing divine being. So far, no reply.

Most of us are either asleep to that truth or actively refuse to acknowledge it, because BOY, would we have to bump up our game. Those who recognize their inherent divinity totally wreck it for the rest of us. Talk about ruining the curve.

Why are people like Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. killed? Because we can't handle the truth. We don't WANT to know what we're really capable of, because then what's our excuse for not doing it?

And what about this "sin" business anyway? Could it be that rather than all the fornicatin' and swearing and lying and killing and all the other activities condemned by our friendly neighborhood preachers, the real sin is in forgetting the divine Gift we've been given and throwing it back in the face of our Creator because, frankly, it's just way too much responsibility to live and act with the understanding that we are one with God and each other?

From another very interesting and powerful blog post I read recently called the Shield of Khamael (in the Kabbalah tradition):

The core of strength, the essence, and the coiled energy of sacred strength is within you, yet you have assigned the overseeing, control, and possession of these powers to the profane who would rule you without accountability.

Why do we give our powers away? When will we rise into our true greatness and accept the awesome responsibility and joy that come with our divine nature?

Personally, I'm with Buzz Lightyear. I say fire all the torpedoes and let's get this party started. What are we waiting for? "To Infinity...and Beyond!"