Occupy your health!

Let's look this week at how to start taking back your health from the monopoly run by the FDA, Centers for Disease Control, most medical doctors and dentists (although that's slowly changing as their education and awareness improves), Big Ag, and Big Pharma. Three things happened to me last week that really highlighted how important it is to become your own family doctor and nutritionist. Am I talking about "serious, scary" stuff like cancer, too? Oh, you bet. Click here to enter the Rabbit Hole, Alice.

Disclaimer If a jaguar rips off your leg for a midnight snack, please go to the emergency room to have it sewn back on (if you can get it back and assuming you don't die from the sepsis many people pick up at the hospital).  However, barring jungle maulings and other unfortunate accidents, if you take good care of yourself with smart exercise, nutrition, enough sleep, a spiritual practice, and emotional trauma-release techniques, the usual crap that sends people to the doctor won't happen anyway. Overly simple? Nope, it's just that simple.

Thing One My friend Lucinda at Illuminated Life sent me a link to this article on how MSG, a potent and highly addictive neurotoxin, is deliberately hidden in the vast majority of foods consumed by most Americans. This includes all the "hydrolyzed soy protein" in your favorite high-protein snacks. (That stuff's usually genetically modified, too, so you get to participate in one of the greatest health experiments in all of human history! Monsanto thanks you for signing you and the kids up! Oh, you didn't get that memo?)

*Lesson learned: The general food supply is poisoned.

Note I said "poisoned," not "poison," although both are true. What do I mean? Well, if the existing power structure, which regards you as a slave and income source, can also make you sick and you don't know how to heal yourself, then you get to pay massive medical bills by maxing out your credit cards and borrowing from all your relatives while you keep working until you die of the disease they can't really cure you of! Isn't it perfect? (For them?) Think I'm exaggerating? Follow the money trail.

Thing Two I got a link in my email to a newsletter about how to heal (yes, heal) cavities in yourself and your children (and prevent future ones), even if your regular dentist says a root canal is in order. How? Can you add two things to your grocery list? Raw butter and fermented cod liver oil. Oh, yum. But hey, I've had a root canal! This is NOT a hard choice to make!

*Lesson learned: I don't have to fear dental problems for myself and my family! Wow! Huge relief. For good measure, I ordered Ramil Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food from the Healthy Home Economist's site (that's an affiliate link, so she gets a few bucks).

Thing Three:  A few years ago, when I had a regular life, knew pretty much nothing, and had medical insurance, I had surgery to eliminate a nasty infection on my thumb that had eaten down to the bone over the course of two years. Three rounds of different antibiotics hadn't touched it, and the pain was excruciating. (Ever notice how much you use your thumb?) A biopsy revealed the presence of a weird, persistent little germ called Mycobacterium marinum. It kills fish instantly, but is also dreaded by sailors and people in aquaculture everywhere for its tendency to recur over the years. It can get pretty serious if it's not addressed. The "fish tank finger" bug had apparently taken up residence in a cut while I was maintaining our little koi pond.

Last week, after two years, it came back. I was terrified. That little telltale blister on my thumb opened up and the itching, stinging pain began again. I started to panic. Then I remembered Dr. Ohhira's probiotic. I remembered that my friend Tom Imhoof, a certified health coach, says Ohhira's kills viruses and bacteria, and that he knew of a man who had been saved from a massive, hospital-acquired staph infection by having Ohhira's applied topically to his lesions.

I figured, hey, it can't hurt. I opened a capsule, smeared some on my thumb, and slapped on a Hello Kitty bandaid just to be thorough. Two days later, the blister was gone and the skin was perfect again.

*Lesson learned: Do some research, remember what you've learned, try something new, ask a friend or your grandma. Don't let "the Authorities" scare you! You can do this.

So, that's it. Occupy Your Health! Take back your power! Here's a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to think about while you're deciding whether to take the plunge:

Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.