Tell Negative Thoughts to "Get OUT"!

Tales of an Aspiring Human, Vol. 1, Episode 2

While talking with an Inner Voice Amplification client this week, I found myself referring to Elaine Benes of Seinfeld fame. Remember her? OMG, I used to love when she would shove Jerry or Kramer or George really hard in the chest and yell, "Get OUT!" or "Shut UP!" Reasons for her outbursts ranged from surprise to anger to outrage, but the effect was always the same--recipients of the shove would stumble, fall, or otherwise get knocked off their feet.

elaine benes.png

So this client, who is making remarkable progress toward becoming herself in the world, was having real trouble with a nasty avalanche of negative thoughts like, "Who do you think you are? There are soooo many talented people doing what you do. You'll never make it! Why even try?" You know, those thoughts that hammer you when you're getting close to accomplishing something big. (Haven't tried to do something big yet? Click here!)

That's when I thought of Elaine and her shoves. I pictured this powerful young woman whom I have the honor of coaching giving that shove to the self-doubting thoughts bedeviling her and trying to slow her down. We both laughed, but she said, "Yeah! That feels really good!" I could tell the idea was going to help.

Very often these doubts and self-scourging thoughts come up as we're about to break out of a deep groove in the LP of our lives that has been spinning since our birthdays.

I often joke about how our habitual thoughts and beliefs from our parents and early years are like the classic Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven." We listen to it for years and the needle makes that groove deeper and deeper until it's really hard to write the song of your own life. You have to pop out of that groove to start something new, but often find yourself mindlessly humming, "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold...." Aaaaahhhh! Damn it! And there we are again. This is where the discipline of Human Being Training (or any good self-mastery process) comes in. We start over, and over, and over, until we begin to create a new groove for our own unique song.

So the next time your head starts saying shitty things to you (it's your untrained ego, btw), remember Elaine and give those obnoxious thoughts a big mental shove out the door. Remember, you're in charge of how you think and feel. For more info on how to take control of your life experience, you can download my free, quick, and fun e-book, 7 Ways to Live for Real: A Short Guide to the Art of Human Being, when you sign up for my monthly-ish newsletter here.

Know thyself!

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Give me liberty.

I'm reading a book that's blowing my mind. Naomi Wolf's Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries is a manifesto for the salvation of the idea that is America, and a treatise for the resurrection of the human soul. One cannot happen without the other.

Last week Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, declared that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not a political, economic, or governmental crisis, but rather a spiritual one. He went so far as to say that until each of us comes to the realization, on a cellular level, that We Are All One, nothing will change for the long term. Until we understand that harming another being means we're harming ourselves, the cycle of abuse and corruption will continue over and over, as it has throughout human history.

Naomi offers a description in the beginning of her book of the choice each society, community, and individual has to make as it/he/she evolves:

Dissident Natan Sharansky writes that there are two kinds of states—"fear societies" and "free societies." ...The two societies make up two kinds of consciousness. The consciousness derived of oppression is despairing, fatalistic, and fearful of inquiry. It is mistrustful of the self and forced to trust external authority. It is premised on a dearth of self-respect. It is cramped....

In contrast, the consciousness of freedom—the psychology of freedom that is "America"—is one of expansiveness, trust of the self, and hope. It is a consciousness of limitless inquiry. "Everything," wrote Denis Diderot, ..."must be examined, everything must be shaken up, without exception...."

It's up to each of us to decide whether we want to live in fear or freedom, within ourselves and in our larger communities: families, cities and towns, states, countries. Fear produces slavery. Freedom demands responsibility and honesty.

If you choose to live free, you must begin to disobey. There's no way around that. The once-great and wild American people have been tamed, dumbed down, poisoned, condescended to, disrespected, and caged.

And we've let it happen.

Do our souls still have the strength to break out of the prison that's been built around us? That we've watched be built, and sometimes even helped so we can feel "safe" and "secure"?

I have a lot of hope that this will happen. I'll see you Out There.

Much love, peace, and power to you.