The Poison of Gossip

Do you subscribe to the radical idea that "sin" means forgetting your true nature as a Being of Light?

Do you agree that each of us is connected because we are all made of the same energy, which is Infinite Love?

Then perhaps you will agree with me that "evil" is anything that creates a sense of separation between us.

Based on these beliefs, I've come to the conclusion this week that gossip is a form of evil. It divides in its effort to conquer. I could almost believe that the powers of darkness really enjoy this toxic veering away from the Light.

A gossip is "a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts." Gossip itself is commonly defined as "rumor or report of an intimate nature."

Have you ever gossiped? I have. And I know it feels yucky. But there's also a sneaky little pleasure in it that seduces with its ability to highlight someone else's shortcomings for a change—to shift the focus temporarily to someone else's shit. Because God forbid we look at our own steaming pile.

The danger, the evil, of gossip is that it makes the gossiper separate from the person being gossiped about. And those who listen to, encourage, or engage in gossip are making themselves separate from the soul, rarely present to defend itself, that's the target of this malicious form of speech.

Someone famous once said: "Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone." Don't know about you, but I've very frequently forgotten Who I Am, and acted accordingly. I certainly don't deserve to throw any stones.

When we are operating from Love we are in our power as human beings. Love is the opposite of fear. When we are filled with the knowledge of Who We Are, we don't have the need to defame, slander, or libel others, much less take pleasure in it.

No. We stand with our brothers and sisters, shining the light of our bright Selves on their highest, best attributes. We turn away from the shadows that trail each of us and focus on the essence and truth of our beings. We encourage and love. We shout, "Keep going! You're doing great!"

Here's an idea: Next time you're tempted to gossip or engage with one, make a farting noise with your lips. Jim does this with spectacular success. Talk about a conversation stopper! It calls people back to remember their true nature. Or pisses them off. Either way, you just got rid of a gossip.

Much love to you on your journey! May our paths meet soon.