Going toward the roar...

Note: Some readers may find the following information upsetting. Others will find it inspiring as well. It's the truth as I and many others are awakening to it. Our work is to wake you up, if you're not already, so we can raise the vibration on this planet and change the path of current events. Read on if you have been living by default and now want to have a say in your personal destiny. ----------------------------------------- This has been a really interesting week! Do you feel the massive amounts of energy that are swirling all around us? The Occupy Wall Street movement has greatly sped up the pace and intensity of what so many of us are already experiencing as a colossal ground-swell of evolutionary, planet-wide change.

Every time I think I'm "awake," meaning aware of myself as Source Energy incarnated in this astronaut suit I call my body, something else comes along that cracks my heart and mind open just a little wider.

This week, that opening came from a video I happened upon by David Icke, who a couple of years ago I thought was totally nuts but whose information I now watch and listen to very closely.

If you've never heard of him and you're a Googler like I am, let's get this out of the way now: David Icke talks about human-reptile hybrids, the Moon being a space station from which humans are being spied upon and influenced, and other completely woo-woo-sounding ideas. Like I said, I used to think he was crazy, too. Then I started paying attention and making up my own heart-mind about his ideas, rather than listen to the opinions of others.

As an ardent supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, insofar as it's a massive push for human evolution rather than a collection of grievances against and petitions to the existing global power structure for change (i.e., asking the Beast to chain itself), I was interested when I saw David had posted a video called "Essential Knowledge for a Wall Street Protestor and Everyone Else."

I wondered what he thought about the movement and how he wanted to help. I knew he wanted to help, because all of his stuff is centered on the theme of humanity "getting off its knees." He tells us, "the Lion sleeps no more" and encourages us to "remember who we are."

So I watched his video to see what he had to say...and learned that there's a battle on for the human soul.

From another room, I heard, "There is nothing more manipulatable than genuineness that's not street-wise." I stopped in my tracks and turned around to sit and listen more closely, transfixed by how he had nailed my concern about the movement of these predominantly open, enthusiastic, beautiful people.

His main messages? Not easy to hear, and yet they resonate with the energy so many of us are feeling right now:

1. The OWS movement is already being co-opted by the same powers it's resisting. They already own it. They're already inside it managing the outcome. (Not that I wish it, but be on the alert for violence erupting soon, giving the existing police state an excuse to declare martial law.)

2. Until we end the current insane system of money creation, nothing will change. As long as that system stays in place, OWS leaders who are allowed to come to power (and make no mistake, they will be allowed at the whim of the power structure if it serves their purpose), will become corrupt and the cycle of abuse will start all over again. (Note: Be very alert if Ron Paul is permitted to win the presidential election. Just like Obama was allowed to win, elections are just for show. Both parties are arms of the same criminal organization. They want us to get caught up the debates, just like televised sports, reality shows, and shopping are designed to keep us distracted from their theft of our money, happiness, and well-being.)

So I received this jolt of information, closely followed on its heels by another a day later, from the widely beloved author of the Conversations with God series, Neale Donald Walsch, in his blog post "Please tell the Occupy Movement..." Now, I don't know about you guys, but when a man who's known for taking dictation from God (which we can all do, by the way, if we just listen) says he has a message for people I care about, I like to tune in.

Neale's message? Pretty simple:

Nothing will change and the cycle will repeat until the majority of human beings understand that We Are All One--with each other, with the planet, with everything that exists.

Until we realize that we don't need to change our behaviors, but rather our deeply held (and strongly encouraged) belief that we are separate from God and each other, no beneficial change that OWS brings about will last.

Neale received a firestorm of protest over his assertion that the OWS protests are heading down a dark road, prompting him to clarify and strengthen his message a day later. The hostile reaction to his message surprised and saddened me, because so many people still don't get that! You know what surprised me the most, though? It's the most shocking and disturbing part of this whole awakening experience for me:

Many, many people, most of whom classify as "the 99%," are fighting passionately for our oppressors.

Check the Yahoo! message boards. Look at the CNN and Fox forums online. Millions (of Americans, at least) are rabidly, ferociously angry at and offended by this movement. Not only the OWS movement, but the general groundswell of human evolution that's occurring.

Do you know why?

Because becoming a real, full, mature human being demands personal responsibility.

It's ironic that most of the people expressing hate for the OWS supporters (and vaccine refusers, and natural health advocates, and other people dropping out of the corrupt global paradigm) condemn us for refusing to take responsibility for ourselves. They call us "lazy," "pathetic," "scumbags," and worse.

There's a biological reason for this reaction, actually, for those of you who are interested in such things. It's known in scientific circles as the "normalcy bias," and it keeps people—literally—from seeing or understanding that things outside of their normal experience are happening, as though the events were invisible. In some of us, this is part of our brains' wiring. It happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Many of those comfortable, wealthy, ancient families, despite hearing what was approaching, sat and watched as Hitler's soldiers came for them. Those poor souls just couldn't fathom such ill intent, much less that actions were being carried out based on that intent. Then they froze like placid deer in the headlights when it did. What happened to their fabled gold, their priceless libraries and art? Stolen by the Nazis. Sound familiar?

That's because the very same thing is now occurring in our beloved, once-great United States of America and around the world, and most people refuse to open their eyes and see it, because of the normalcy bias.

Medically, I could also refer you to a psychological condition known as Stockholm Syndrome, in which people who are kidnapped and held or tortured for long periods actually defending their captors, saying what nice guys they were, and they fed us and gave us water, and really, you should go easy on them. After all, they could have killed us, right?

People suffering from Stockholm syndrome come to identify with and even care for their captors in a desperate, usually unconscious act of self-preservation. It occurs in the most psychologically traumatic situations, often hostage situations or kidnappings, and its effects usually do not end when the crisis ends. In the most classic cases, victims continue to defend and care about their captors even after they escape captivity. Symptoms of Stockholm syndrome have also been identified in the slave/master relationship, in battered-spouse cases, and in members of destructive cults.

Isn't that interesting? I believe many of us are suffering from a potentially deadly combination of Stockholm Syndrome and Normalcy Bias. Why potentially deadly? Because with every minute that ticks by, the pressure is building and the volatility is growing. People are desperate. People are angry. People with nothing left have nothing left to lose.

So what can we do? It's really easy at this point just to throw in the towel, enjoy your friends and family, eat chocolate donuts and popcorn (name your poison) and figure, what the hell. Many people are doing that, and it's understandable. However, it's not the warrior way. If you're reading this and got past my warning at the beginning, I assume you want to do something to help, and take responsibility for yourself.

As the final part in the trilogy of information I received this week, I got an email from Craig Hamilton, who heads an educational organization called Integral Enlightenment. It was the capstone for what I feel is the most intelligent, heart-led, and expeditious way forward for the human race and our planet. I've copied it here for you:

To Occupy Wall Street supporters and all awakening human beings:

"...[In] authentic God Realization, ...the ego has been radically overridden by the ultimate principle, by the creative force of the cosmos, by what Gautama Buddha called 'the roar of the timeless beyond....'

In this radical realignment at the core of our being, we begin incarnating divinity and we give our every breath to making that divinity known and fully expressed in this world.

In this unconditional stand, we discover our final liberation from the world, even as we give everything to transforming the world into an expression of the sacred.

And when enough of us learn to live in this way, we will have Heaven on Earth."

Practicing meditation or prayer, going within, taking ultimate responsibility for ourselves, and losing our debilitating fear of (but not respect for) physical death constitute the only way out of the fate we seem to be rushing toward, my dear friends. The change must be systemic, and it must start within each individual soul. We cannot use the current system to dismantle the current system. That way lies madness. But we could change it all in an instant.

Go within yourself and have your own Conversation with God, or whatever you call God. It lives in your heart, and it wants to be heard. It will tell you how to prepare for the changes, if you listen. Please, if you can't do it for yourself, do it for the rest of us.

We are now in a bardo, or what Tibetan Buddhists call a point of choice. Preparation is key to making the best decisions at this auspicious and rare time. I'll tell you what we're practicing right now, and it's a good place to start: "Keep your seat." Stay calm; avoid panic and fear.

I'm heading toward the roar... Come with me?