Leading-Edge Life: Stop Cooperating

Last night I finished watching David Icke's masterful and inspiring 4-hour Radical Truth DVD, in which a sweat-soaked David speaks passionately about how we live in a time of "great opportunity." (Yes, he believes in aliens, so what? Prove him wrong—see my note on "normalcy bias" below.) Beyond Boundaries In order to take advantage of that opportunity, however, each of us must understand that we are slaves to and prisoners of a system that has quietly been designed over centuries to control, channel, and ultimately crush the once ferocious human spirit.

As he reminds us: "We are Infinite Consciousness! How can we be controlled except through fear, which happens when we forget who we are?" In truth, there is no "we" and "they." We are all one. Some remember that and some don't. Some live in love (aka Infinite Consciousness) and some live in fear.

Unfortunately, most of us are living in fear, which means that we are either a controller and oppressor or someone who gives their power away to controllers and oppressors.

How are "they" controlling us? Through: the food we eat the water we drink the taxes we're forced to pay, on jobs we're forced to have, to buy on credit the stuff we're told we need a medical/insurance industry that makes us sick religions that condemn us for questioning anything a legal system that twists the law a government that rescinds our constitutional right to protest without fear of prosecution while bombing "backward" countries for repressing unrest a public education system that trains, dumbs down, and indoctrinates rather than teaching (ever wonder why it's free?)

Why are "they" controlling us? Money and power. Intense interest in which indicates intense fear.

Think I'm spreading fear? I beg to differ. I repeat: "You have to know you're a slave before you can choose to be free."

What can you do?

Step 1: Above all, stay calm. Don't succumb to the chaos being staged right now. Stop giving away your power by being afraid.

Step 2: Stop cooperating with systems, rules, and authorities you don't believe in. Damn the consequences. If enough of us stand up together to live free, the house of cards will fall.

A Good Place to Start? Here's an example of the sheep-like thinking that's got us into trouble as a species: Did you know that it's illegal for the government to take our money in the form of taxation?There is NOTHING in the IRS Tax Code that stipulates that citizens must pay a percentage of their income to the US Government. It's a good old-fashioned Mafia-style shakedown, folks. How come the mainstream media doesn't talk about this?

Did you also know that the taxes we faithfully send in as part of our socially manipulated sense of "civic duty" does NOT go to schools, roads, hospitals, etc.? (Here's a hint: "...all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government.")

Recipe for a Revolution Watch this short video to see a big picture of what we need to do very quickly to take back our power and why. (If you're in law enforcement or the military, or know someone who is, please watch and forward the brief appeal linked to the main video.)

The Normalcy Bias and How It Kills People Read this to see why you probably won't believe what was in that video right away, or—if you do—why your mom or your Uncle Joey or your bridge club won't. If they don't, if YOU don't, do not give up. If you love humanity and value freedom, you cannot give up.

You are the savior you've been waiting for. Do the work that only you can do! Have courage. Use your own special gifts (do you know what they are?) to wake up and keep waking up. There's more, more, more than you ever imagined to Who You Are and why "they" want to keep you from figuring it out.

Please start paying attention. Please start getting involved. Please spread this message. If not for yourself, for your children and their children.