Flash of White is born!

Flash of White is a technique in the martial art I practice and teach, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, that can drop a man like a sack of spuds. Bujinkan is nothing if not practical. That's what we love about it! I use the phrase here to mean a metaphysical smack upside the head, delivered with great love, compassion, and respect. (By the way, I've learned that a true warrior will also deliver a physical blow in the very same manner.)

Sometimes awakening comes to us in a flash, and sometimes it needs to to penetrate all the crud that's built up on the windows of our souls.

Some of you might remember that I used to run the Natural Health Allegiance. And guess what? It gave me a nervous breakdown! I discovered that when you run a retail outfit, there's little if any time to work with actual customers, which is why I started the NHA in first place. Tell you what, retail freakin' sucks. At least for me.

That's why I'm back on my heart path with this site,  and I've never been happier. So when I talk about an MSUH (metaphysical smack upside the head), you can rest assured that I know what I'm talking about! My experience with the NHA gave me such a blow that I literally re-exploded my life (a year after exploding it the first time;  I adore fireworks--oooh! aaaah!), landed in an incredible place called Sunburst Sanctuary, and got back to what I had hoped to be doing in the first place, this time with amazing support and love from the new family I've found in this intentional community.

One of my favorite authors and personal development coaches, Bill Poett, wrote a book called The ABCs of Peak Performers. In it, he issues a powerful reminder to anyone at risk of burnout (and who isn't these days): "Sustaining enthusiasm is linked directly to how closely our goals are aligned to our soul purpose." That's what happened to me: I couldn't sustain my initially strong enthusiasm for the NHA because it became all about sales numbers, filling out forms, and making the quarterly taxes.

I did learn this: what I've been put here to do is to remind you that life is supposed to be easy (yes, easy!--see "Add Water and Mix"), joyful, abundant, and balls out! As my man (and best friend and No. 1 fan) Jim Risinger always says, "Go big or go home." Right? When you're on your death bed, will you look back and go, "Man, I sure wish I'd played it safer and squashed down my spirit some more so others could have felt more important." Uh, no. You can even try my self-reminder method if you like:  I wear a bracelet of skulls made from yak bones to keep myself awake and aware that time is short and life is precious. Warning: This makes watching stupid TV shows really challenging.

So, haven given you some background on how I got to this place and what I'm doing now, I want to thank all of you who have stayed in touch over the last year. Jim and I are really excited to connect and play with you in this new capacity. If you're looking for bad-ass inspiration and information about natural health, Bujinkan training, incorporating yoga into your life in a sustainable way, or living as a spiritual warrior, we would be honored for you to use Flash of White as a resource and online community.

As the poet Rumi has written, "God circled this place on a map for you." So here you are, and we're very glad!