Podcast 1: The Budo Ryu/Central Coast Krav Maga featuring Geri, Eric, Miles, and Some Smashing

Podcast 2: My conversation with local revolutionary, poet, shaman, humanitarian, and hilarious iconoclast Denz Ray Falcon-Powell Junyor

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SHAVASANA TALKS (these come during Corpse Pose after the active part of class)

The first-ever recording of an HBT CalPoly "shavasana talk," a guided meditation on getting struck by lightning. It's pretty relaxing, believe it or not.

Here's another one about breathing beauty and joy through your body. Because the truth is, honestly, there's nothing but.

Can you release your grip on the familiar? Find out why that would be good, and how to do it.

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Interview with CalPoly Mustang News reporter Emily Werten about HBT expanding to the larger California Central Coast community

Recent radio interviews about Human Being Training with CalPoly Mustang News co-anchor Megan Schellong
Part 1
Part 2


The Vimeo

See more of my quick and (hopefully) helpful videos, with short essays, here!



Human Being Training: The Movie Crafted by my good friend and gifted videographer Ray Lynch, this is the first time prospective Human Being Trainees can get a glimpse at the mysterious goings-on you may have heard about. This was a very dynamic class of high-energy CalPoly students, but many of them were taking it easy and doing exactly what they wanted. Please do the same when you participate in an event!

Be a Gorilla! And what's a pain-body? Some fun (and very effective) body weight conditioning and a quick explanation of a mind-blowing concept that will make all your relationships a source of joy and inspiration.

Drive: CalPoly post-class recap on relaxing into your perfection (yin) and activating your drive to accomplish what you came here for (yang).

Headstand Variation: Something to try when you get headstand down. Let the bones line up.

The Great Cartwheel Conspiracy of 2013: Having fun with exercise! What a concept!

Plank Alternating Holds: Super simple, super effective.

Furniture Slider Workout: $10 and you've got yourself a killer workout

Plank Up-Downs: Anywhere, anytime

When sheer panic is a good thing: Meet the amazing Burpee

Sun Salutes: Strength, flexibility, and stress relief in one simple yoga exercise!

"Golden Sphere": An unusual and powerful arm/core/energy exercise

The Joy of No: In which Cisco and I discuss the importance of using this big little word.

Full-body abs: Sit-ups don't work! Try this instead.

Parking Lot Pranayama: A stress-relieving breathing exercise for anywhere

Introducing the Hindu Squat!  At a laundromat, no less.

A mom-focused workout for Mother's Day! Triceps, abs, and rear

Introducing the Tabata Drill! You're in for a treat.