Photo credit: Timo Beckwith

Photo credit: Timo Beckwith

What's a "Human Being"?

About 5 years ago I suddenly emerged from a deep, dark, 35-year period of serious depression. It's a long story about how and why I shut myself away from the world from ages 9-46, but suffice it to say that, looking back, I believe I used the time well.

Essentially what pulled me out of that self-created, fearful hole was my memory of Who I Am. Who each of us is--a manifestation of pure Consciousness. Some people call that God, the Universe, Jesus, Source, Allah, Buddha, Yoda, etc. It doesn't matter.

My understanding of what a Human Being is continues to deepen and expand as I learn more (and realize how much I don't know). But here is my current definition in a nutshell: "A Human Being is a person who has remembered how to feel joy again--a powerful form of love and connection that goes far beyond our small ideas of 'happiness.' This experience produces a surge of life force that propels the aspiring Human Being's journey like a second-stage rocket booster."

A Human Being has also learned to recognize the powerful, dual energetic drains of social conditioning and deeply held, unexamined beliefs. Until we recognize these factors and decide to discard them, they run the show in the background and keep us from truly being ourselves, or even having curiosity about what that might look like.

A Human Being sees all this, and decides to do something different. And that takes a shit-ton of bravery. That's where training becomes helpful, and that's why I call what I teach (and practice) Human Being Training.